My Friends Are Djs #125-126 "Two Brothers Adagio Arc"

Well here it is the first story arc. More like a mini arc of Pitz (black goat) and Bitz (orange cat)'s history and why they are apart. Went for a more surreal approach to this, finding the easiest style for me to work with as the first story arc and all done in verse/ poetry style. Composed it from Pitz's POV. The brothers used to be so close working together to make their own beats despite different style...one swings the other bounces until the big opportunity came...only for one. Where Pitz is now, that's a good question. Calling this arc "Adagio" is ironic.


My Friends Are Djs #124 -"Funky New Stuff"

Just a random house joke...what more could I saw other yes I forgot to include telekinetic "auras" to the pens. oops


My Friends Are Djs #123 "Ordinary Dj"

This came about after a conversation with my friend and asking them this..."do you see yourself as the superstars fans think you are, or ordinary people?" You can guess the answer.