My Friends Are Djs #122 - "Dj is The Extension"

Well the inspiration for this after having a conversation with D-Block and S-Te-Fan about some things...and this is the couplet I came up with. It;s kind of true for any musical genre...the performer is the carrier-extension of the music. Thanks guys.


My Friends Are Djs #121 - "Black Sun"

Well brainstorming for this week's comic...I realized posting day was going to be Eclipse day. Now here it wasn't dramatic but the sunlight was still tinted and luckily a co-worker was able to rig up a cereal box Camera Obscura thing to see the actual sun. So I rigged up this poem for the big day (and commentary on "kissing in the dark") too...added googles to Breezey after realizing during the actual event "oh she needs glasses!". What the leech is suppose to saying is slightly alluding to the song by Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart".


My Friends Are Djs #120 - "Breezey's Baton"

Well at the DBSTF club night, apparently I almost sliced Diederik and Stefan into pieces with my flag (swishing it eagerly), causing the manger to comically plead "easy easy we need these guys in one piece, please". So haha had to make a poem about it. Made it a baton cause I can't render flags rushing properly and so i can make a wonton joke. Yep Klap is covering his bottom. Reason why Breezey has a flamingo baton is so she can cheer/defend herslef with at clubs.


My Friends Are Djs #119 - "Bad Luck"

One thing I leanred and discovered while in Vegas/ the clubs, waltzing around the "beautiful" people and tourists. If you can endure a little bad luck or hindrance instead of being a "diva" about it, you're going to get a lot of benefits out of it. Very true in the Dj world...it arn't easy but it's worth it if you know what you're doing.