My Friends Are Djs #118 - "Just Push Play #2"

Revisitng an earlier subject I did in the old days...this time in poem form.  It's not just pushing play ont he dj decks...and I have been inside the dj booth to fully know that! The furtistic dj set up/equipment belongs to Pitz's this time. He's a bit of a gadget-tech wiz.


My Friends Are Djs #117 - "Pomps and Fangs"

Ok didn't have any super sophisticated in mind other then i really wanted to put Needlepoint in a pomp-French/ Versaille dress and she is not happy about it! Her tail is tucked underneath the dress. Her sister Embroidery most likely dared her to wear an overly frilly dress.


My Friends Are Djs #116 - "Poof"

Really don't try to sneak in "poof" when Alabtross is on duty, especially when is one of the most mind bending corrosive stuff at there with other worldly properties. Inspired after I read an article about the places and things people will do to sneak "poof". I regret I didn't come up with a better-more outrageous hiding spot. Although there a Brig somewhere int he clubs Alba works at.


My Friends are Djs #115 - "To The Dance"

This poem was brainstormed in response to "blinkers" who made a crack on social media over of my friends not playing a particular track at the club and declaring "I hate Trance, I think the person was drunk, etc. In actual fact, my friend did play that track and it's well known, he is a Trance dj. So I was thinking...why did even pay the ticket and show up when you hate the genre, and blab it on social media. Never going to understand club crowds. As usual, it's watercolour-mix media gig with the resident dreamy-trance dj, Ethereal.