My Friends Are Djs #114 - "Pitz's Words"

I already the idea since the start of the comic project that, Bitz has a twin brother, that I was going introduce as a surprise, and they're on very strained relations after Bitz got famous in mainstream music while Pitz worked the "pits", many years to be a superstar on the underground circuit. They used to be very close as brothers working as ghost producers before becoming famous on their own. In comparison to his brother, Bitz...Both are almost the same person being friendly to cetain people but Pitz is much more tensed-emotional, street smart as result of the fallout and grind to fame. The "dark" side personality of the two. Bitz also has a "goat" theme because "goat" sort of rhymes with "ghost" and symbol of him toiling to his position. Profile will be updated eventually to reflect new changes.

As species...the brothers are actually humanoid aliens from Uranus (immigrated to the Netherlands) a planet known for robotic-remote technology, and unique all twin (or the rare multiple) biology. They are strongly connected to the point they share thoughts, certain actions. They also can't be physically far apart because they'll dead horrible deaths if separated. Hence why Bitz and Pitz have implants to "somewhat" prevent the danger while apart. Ura-nins are also very rare in the inner-rim Sols system.

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