My Friends Are Djs #110 - "Stage Buddy"

Well even with asking politely....I'm still not allowed on stage with my dj friend. Already I get the message. This panel is based on said conversation...thankfully he was being polite about it.


My Friends Are Djs #109 - "I am Lasher"

Brainstormed more character poetry. Needlepoint Lasher is an interesting character to compose poems for....even though she is the most insane dj out of the entire cast (imagine if Dillon Francis or Deadmau5 were females) yet she has a sane-zen like side to her. She's professional dj, she has to be sane to some degree. Illustration is combination of water colour and pencil crayons.


My Friends Are Djs #108 - "Communication Complication"

Well during a brainstorming session....I was reflecting on social media's effects and how Telu is basically the persona of its pros and cons. So I'll just her speak for herself in verse.


My Friends Are Djs #107 - "The Vegas Job #0"

What is going on in Vegas? Whose is Black Joke and what has he stolen that would make the casino boss furious? Guess you have to wait for a few months, for the first story arc. Projected late summer.