My Friends Are Djs #105 - "Across Worlds"

First of all yes, I know I misspelled "across" was just sketching around the really real idea....when you friends are djs it's good to have a strong connection social and communication wise especially the traveling-time issue nature of the dj life plus the fact they very much live faraway.

Didn't have anything super special in mind about Poco's and Breezey's rooms other then Breezey is an update of her room from a previous panel, sort of like another end of her room. Still stylized-minimalist interior design/decor but  with soothing colour motifs (The walls shifts through soothing colours alias an aurora. An Invention of her mom, Seagull) to suit/calm her unique, mildly-autistic nature. She even has a special cusion to sit on gifted from the Tv Heads (Poco has one too). Poco's room is a nailed together mess of sorts with a retro touch reflecting and the Italian+Martian flags up Poco's very old hackster/gadgeteer nature.

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