My Friends Are Djs #102 - "Adviser"

Often when I get curious of the dj world etc...I ask my djs friends on advice-enlightenment. It's true I feel wiser about the EDM-DJ world. I meant for a rough ink lined approach to this piece.


My Friends Are Djs #101 - "Shelter"

Well the inspaition behind this one was....the Finnish dj Darude did give me shelter one club night (more details on that later). Couldn't help but make it into poetry-comic panel. Tried to experiment more with the picture book style of colouring/water colour painting when more intimate, calm moments occur.


My Friends Are Djs #100 - "Button Pushing"

Came back from a night at the club and spent the entire dj set behind the decks (I wasn't the dj...tell you later). Look at the decks I thought oh don't push the button. So made a couplet out of the thought.


My Friends Are Djs #99 - "Main Stream Dream"

Well was just playing with couplets-brain storming and came up with this....adjusted it from the original draft to make it 5 syllables each part/more harmony. Plus tried to experiment more with surrealist style painting and aimed for children's picture book soft feel...I feel can push more but getting there.