My Friends Are Djs #98 - "Wall of Silence"

Don't you wish you had the ability to create a wall of silence just to ignore the chatter of people etc? Breezey (and other Martians) can do that with gravity and sound energy. A friend once advised me on particular subject/group of people...."Just ignore then, They're Sheep"...so I composed this poem...and drew chattering, fluffy sheep.


My Friends Are Djs #97 - "Sleep"

Painted a drippy watercolour of Ethereal sleeping (she has sleep issues) and realized no poem to go with it. So composed this on the spot....Ethereal has alot of mental baggage and it sort of seeps out during his snooze. A slight caution against romanticizing dreams too much within the EDM-Rave world. Used watercolour washes plus gravity to make the drip effects.


My Friends Are Djs #96 - "On Boxes"

Experimenting with a more surrealists style of poetry form....one fitting for the enigmatic TV heads...plus I want to move them in more. Felt a little thinking in and out of the box.Technically this poem can go on forever.


My Friends Are Djs #95 - "About Ghosts"

Was brainstorming ideas/poems of toying with the idea of ghost producers...this is what i came up with. I might be pushing it. Ghost producing is a touchy thing in the dj-edm world...it's like the music equal to ghost writing. The second line used was different (not saying it) in the rough writing but was change to "goats" to make it silly and didn't want to be offensive. In addition as a bit of character trait development....Bitz did start as a ghost producer under another name before making it big.