My Friends Are Djs #94 - "Major Boast"

Was just brainstorming, experimenting with rhyme, and establishing Major Tom (she's a she) as a boastful type not because of her overconfidence but rather she ahs the skills to prove it....which in this case is pyrotechnics and explosions.

Also I like to announce story arcs of sorts are in the works....in poetic form.


My Friends Are Djs #93 - "Studio"

Well my friend recently built a new studio and played around with them tweeting them a poem on the spot. Of course I had to illustrate it...its a bit different from the original tweet poem. Wonder what they think of it?


My Friends Are Djs #92 - "Pretty?"

This couplet came about after seeing an article about a person offering females a trip to Cochella music festival with some VERRRY creepy catches. What Telu is snarking about is a paraphrase of some of the requests. Girls..never submit to creeps.


My Friends Are Djs #91 - "Enjoy Verse"

Well another piece from a brainstorming session....personally extremely uncomfortable at festivals soooo I prefer to enjoy my music in the comfort of my adobe most of the time.


My Friends Are Djs #90 - "Infinity Haiku"

Knowing it;s going to be the first panel of the new year, tried to go brainstorm an appropriate poem for the occasion, Although felt, I could have done better portraying Komodo in more meditative pose. Although the haiku came out well, highlighting Komodo;s thoughts on his very old age and the experiences that go with it. He's at least 5000 years old.