My Friends Are Djs #132-134 "Earworm Incident"

Just playing around and experimenting more with the multi-installment story telling...plus yes wanted to make an ear worm literally deadly for fun and to show the weird physics of this new world, the heroes inhabit. Showing off a bit of Etheral's offensive powers too...she may be the resident Trance Dj and the definition of airy "peace" and calm to her fans but she can pack a whaloop when push comes to shove!


My Friends Are Djs #131 - "Halloween Scares"

The mice (which is a parody of crazed-superficial fans) went up the rigging! Based on a real incident that did happen last weekend during Alan Walker's set at Escape. Some person did climb up the rigging with security in hot pursuit and music had to stop with the DJ telling the person to get down! People...don't do it...a broken leg and that kind of attention is not worth it! Enough said!


My Friends Are Djs #130 - "Still Hate Pomps"

Yep I just wanted to randomly again put Needlepoint in a pompom dress...and she still hates the dresses on the count it's painful-hard to move in for her...but she doesn't mind looking good. So it's kind of a running gag for her.


My Friends Are Djs #129 - "Worlds Swirled"

In my journeys meeting different djs, I discovered that basically each dj is like portal into another world, which becomes apparent when one travels across musical genres. So here we have Breezey and the Tv Heads traveling across a field of portals. Breezey is riding (via gravity manipulation) her beloved and handmade with love (by her mom, Seagull from scraps of fabric) plush whale, Mr. Splish-Splash.


My Friends Are Djs #128 - "Loving Space"

Thought of this repeating poem during a poem session and give Ethereal some spotlight. It's appropriate for her to convey this message because "Stern Silence" Ethereal does carry heavy emotional baggage from her earlier life on Neptune. Watercolour wash and pencil crayon mixed media.



My Friends Are Djs #125-126 "Two Brothers Adagio Arc"

Well here it is the first story arc. More like a mini arc of Pitz (black goat) and Bitz (orange cat)'s history and why they are apart. Went for a more surreal approach to this, finding the easiest style for me to work with as the first story arc and all done in verse/ poetry style. Composed it from Pitz's POV. The brothers used to be so close working together to make their own beats despite different style...one swings the other bounces until the big opportunity came...only for one. Where Pitz is now, that's a good question. Calling this arc "Adagio" is ironic.


My Friends Are Djs #124 -"Funky New Stuff"

Just a random house joke...what more could I saw other yes I forgot to include telekinetic "auras" to the pens. oops


My Friends Are Djs #123 "Ordinary Dj"

This came about after a conversation with my friend and asking them this..."do you see yourself as the superstars fans think you are, or ordinary people?" You can guess the answer.


My Friends Are Djs #122 - "Dj is The Extension"

Well the inspiration for this after having a conversation with D-Block and S-Te-Fan about some things...and this is the couplet I came up with. It;s kind of true for any musical genre...the performer is the carrier-extension of the music. Thanks guys.


My Friends Are Djs #121 - "Black Sun"

Well brainstorming for this week's comic...I realized posting day was going to be Eclipse day. Now here it wasn't dramatic but the sunlight was still tinted and luckily a co-worker was able to rig up a cereal box Camera Obscura thing to see the actual sun. So I rigged up this poem for the big day (and commentary on "kissing in the dark") too...added googles to Breezey after realizing during the actual event "oh she needs glasses!". What the leech is suppose to saying is slightly alluding to the song by Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart".


My Friends Are Djs #120 - "Breezey's Baton"

Well at the DBSTF club night, apparently I almost sliced Diederik and Stefan into pieces with my flag (swishing it eagerly), causing the manger to comically plead "easy easy we need these guys in one piece, please". So haha had to make a poem about it. Made it a baton cause I can't render flags rushing properly and so i can make a wonton joke. Yep Klap is covering his bottom. Reason why Breezey has a flamingo baton is so she can cheer/defend herslef with at clubs.


My Friends Are Djs #119 - "Bad Luck"

One thing I leanred and discovered while in Vegas/ the clubs, waltzing around the "beautiful" people and tourists. If you can endure a little bad luck or hindrance instead of being a "diva" about it, you're going to get a lot of benefits out of it. Very true in the Dj world...it arn't easy but it's worth it if you know what you're doing.


My Friends Are Djs #118 - "Just Push Play #2"

Revisitng an earlier subject I did in the old days...this time in poem form.  It's not just pushing play ont he dj decks...and I have been inside the dj booth to fully know that! The furtistic dj set up/equipment belongs to Pitz's this time. He's a bit of a gadget-tech wiz.


My Friends Are Djs #117 - "Pomps and Fangs"

Ok didn't have any super sophisticated in mind other then i really wanted to put Needlepoint in a pomp-French/ Versaille dress and she is not happy about it! Her tail is tucked underneath the dress. Her sister Embroidery most likely dared her to wear an overly frilly dress.


My Friends Are Djs #116 - "Poof"

Really don't try to sneak in "poof" when Alabtross is on duty, especially when is one of the most mind bending corrosive stuff at there with other worldly properties. Inspired after I read an article about the places and things people will do to sneak "poof". I regret I didn't come up with a better-more outrageous hiding spot. Although there a Brig somewhere int he clubs Alba works at.


My Friends are Djs #115 - "To The Dance"

This poem was brainstormed in response to "blinkers" who made a crack on social media over of my friends not playing a particular track at the club and declaring "I hate Trance, I think the person was drunk, etc. In actual fact, my friend did play that track and it's well known, he is a Trance dj. So I was thinking...why did even pay the ticket and show up when you hate the genre, and blab it on social media. Never going to understand club crowds. As usual, it's watercolour-mix media gig with the resident dreamy-trance dj, Ethereal.


My Friends Are Djs #114 - "Pitz's Words"

I already the idea since the start of the comic project that, Bitz has a twin brother, that I was going introduce as a surprise, and they're on very strained relations after Bitz got famous in mainstream music while Pitz worked the "pits", many years to be a superstar on the underground circuit. They used to be very close as brothers working as ghost producers before becoming famous on their own. In comparison to his brother, Bitz...Both are almost the same person being friendly to cetain people but Pitz is much more tensed-emotional, street smart as result of the fallout and grind to fame. The "dark" side personality of the two. Bitz also has a "goat" theme because "goat" sort of rhymes with "ghost" and symbol of him toiling to his position. Profile will be updated eventually to reflect new changes.

As species...the brothers are actually humanoid aliens from Uranus (immigrated to the Netherlands) a planet known for robotic-remote technology, and unique all twin (or the rare multiple) biology. They are strongly connected to the point they share thoughts, certain actions. They also can't be physically far apart because they'll dead horrible deaths if separated. Hence why Bitz and Pitz have implants to "somewhat" prevent the danger while apart. Ura-nins are also very rare in the inner-rim Sols system.


My Friends Are Djs #113 - "Home"

Was just brainstorming and toying with poetry....it's true. For a dj, there is no place like after and during the big tour around the world.


Vinai Night in Vancouver 2017 with the flu!

Well it was a duo mission when me and friend are off to see the Italian sibling duo the Vinai brothers! With the added bonus of the flu!!!!!! ACHOOOOO!

 Well because of that I couldn't wear my original plan club cosplay of Talonflame because the vest is so tight fitting I couldn't sneeze or cough properly so had to switch last minute to the Kyogre look including doing all the extensive face make up in record timing. Well other then driving my friend crazy with my paranoia (sorry!) and ACHOOOO the night went awesome! Hehe my flu actually proved to be useful. Literally no one wanted to be near us the entire night as soon they hear me coughing....some actually fleeing hehehe. Well as the night went, the happy-musical emotions actually slowly "cured" me, almost. I felt much better at the end of the night.

As for the actual show...yep the Vinai brother blew the roof up with their big room energy and wow! It got louder!

Well THE highlight of the night....we got a chance to meet Vinai for a brief moment. Oh boy I wonder what they're thinking when the white face-painted one they smile is in the line up hehe. We all chatted like how me and friend discovered their music. For me, I told my friends are their friends introduced me to their music. they looked very puzzled when I said that. However they smile with glee when I said it was the "Djs from Mars" who introduced me. "Yes yes, they introduced me to your music.." Alessandro Vinai then finishes it with..."then BOOM!" He did say boom! Yep that was a night to remember.


My Friends Are Djs #112 - "Self Portrait"

Actually this picture is kind of old....just sketching about the idea of remixing even coloured it in but never figured how this would go. I decided to write a very surrealist poem about self portraits.


My Friends Are Djs #111 - "Take a Wager"

Just playing with peotry after thinking about the time my friend teased the audience when they requested an encore song. "Oh you want more?" *giggles" I wodnered....what will the audience think ro wish as the last song of the set? Will take make bets on it?


My Friends Are Djs #110 - "Stage Buddy"

Well even with asking politely....I'm still not allowed on stage with my dj friend. Already I get the message. This panel is based on said conversation...thankfully he was being polite about it.


My Friends Are Djs #109 - "I am Lasher"

Brainstormed more character poetry. Needlepoint Lasher is an interesting character to compose poems for....even though she is the most insane dj out of the entire cast (imagine if Dillon Francis or Deadmau5 were females) yet she has a sane-zen like side to her. She's professional dj, she has to be sane to some degree. Illustration is combination of water colour and pencil crayons.


My Friends Are Djs #108 - "Communication Complication"

Well during a brainstorming session....I was reflecting on social media's effects and how Telu is basically the persona of its pros and cons. So I'll just her speak for herself in verse.


My Friends Are Djs #107 - "The Vegas Job #0"

What is going on in Vegas? Whose is Black Joke and what has he stolen that would make the casino boss furious? Guess you have to wait for a few months, for the first story arc. Projected late summer.


My Friends Are Djs #106 - "Baa Block"

This was inspired by one concert....some girl was being an annoying bleep at the front, whipping her hair and whacking random people. Ja she was drunk most likely. So we have this drunk sheep blocking the stage with it's inflated wool while the bouncer Albatross is carrying a giant pair of shears. The fact she has those shears on hand means....she probably has done this many times. Picture was sketched in lighter then I wanted so tinkered around in the paint program to make it look better.


My Friends Are Djs #105 - "Across Worlds"

First of all yes, I know I misspelled "across" was just sketching around the really real idea....when you friends are djs it's good to have a strong connection social and communication wise especially the traveling-time issue nature of the dj life plus the fact they very much live faraway.

Didn't have anything super special in mind about Poco's and Breezey's rooms other then Breezey is an update of her room from a previous panel, sort of like another end of her room. Still stylized-minimalist interior design/decor but  with soothing colour motifs (The walls shifts through soothing colours alias an aurora. An Invention of her mom, Seagull) to suit/calm her unique, mildly-autistic nature. She even has a special cusion to sit on gifted from the Tv Heads (Poco has one too). Poco's room is a nailed together mess of sorts with a retro touch reflecting and the Italian+Martian flags up Poco's very old hackster/gadgeteer nature.


Prozzak in Vancouver 2017

Well the time-space fabric suffered a major rip, when Prozzak came to town as part of their "Forever 1999" Tour. Well as a rundown of who these guys are, Prozzak is a Canadian dance-pop with a touch of rock group from the 90's consisting of a pair of cartoons named Simon and Milo. Hugely popular especially here during the 90's. There are known for the tracks. "Omobolasire", "Sucks to Be You", and many more.

I loved these guys as a kid so I just had to go, knowing its a once in lifetime experience. This was the first time also I ever been to a concert where the headliner is not a friend/acquaintance of mine. So I was sort of nervous too. I wore my Yveltal the Pokemon outfit for this gig. Again I'm usually not the Pokemon of Death-Destruction but I thought it hilarious to wear at this concert. The horns were attracting stares, but I wasn't harassed or bothered by my outfit too much.

Well as usual, it was another insane and crazy hijink adventure with both it's good and bad points. First the bad. In the quickest nutshell and was expected no matter high tight security, etc was (and it was REALLY tight)....ok who is smoking weed in an INDOOR venue with fire sprinklers (thank goodness the fire alarms/sprinklers didn't go off), booze splashed on the dance floor (along WITH the glasses + bottles) and some got splashed on my shorts-leggings (thank goodness my body-paint wasn't hit), one girl got so drunk (and tiny bit suspected was on high) she was "aggressive pole dancing" with the railing near the stage, whacking random people (including me) as a result by accident. Thankfully a group of random people calmly confronted her to stop.

As for the good parts and it was awesome good! The opening acts were not bad, local female rock group with a violinist, not bad at all. Also saw my co-worker attending too..."What are you doing here?!" "What are YOU doing here?!" Hehehe. As for the main act....cue the opening story of Simon and Milo on the video screen, and the Milo and Simon heads inflating. Then.....BOOOM....the guys blaring "Strange Disease" at 11!!! Oh they can rock it good and still after how long!!! The guitar shredding...ooo la la awesome! The real musicians performed along side set dressings depicting their cartoon alter-egos.

Prozzak (real names Jay and James, Simon and Milo respectively) played their best old hits and in addition new stuff from their "Forever 1999" album. In comparison to the old stuff, the new stuff....yes you could very much tell it's Prozzak's dance-pop style yet it feels "updated" to modern tastes....it felt edgier and heavier in feel and tone. "Pussy Cat Pussy Cat" and "Hot" <-- (very nice solo on Milo's part with this track) would be the best examples I can think of. Out of all the new stuff, "Forever 1999" is my favorite track.....it's the Prozzak Dance-Pop style yet, it's a loving, upbeat tribute to those who grew up during the 90's. Well somewhere during the show, "Simon" comes over near the audience and looks at me, gesturing for the flag I was carrying with me. Then the flag got co-op for use during the show. Wow cool, I'm happy that happen, it's kind of like a part of me become part of the show. Don't worry I got my flag back after and lots of thanks to security guy who helped.

There's my flag!

Wow that one awesome night, and thank goodness it didn't insanely late, so I could take public transit back. I big time will not forget this night. Thank you Prozzak for one awesome show. A hole in the fabric of time was open in a very good way.


My Friends Are Djs #104 - "Back Home"

Just came up from a brainstorming session. For any dj, being at home is one of the best things in the world. The scenery used is the wharf in Steveston village which serves as the "Village District" home of a portion of the main characters in the comic universe.


My Friends Are Djs #103 - "Go Together"

Well just went to point with this one....gigs are usally more fun when you go together with friends. So here's best friends Breezey and Fortuna "carrying" books of major dj-happy sites like Ibiza, La, Boom (it's a real place in Belguim home to Tommorowland) and Fortuna carrying Vegas because she lives in Las Vegas.


Darude in Vancouver 2017

Well it was a night with the pride and joy of Finland when the legend and creator of "Sandstorm" rolled into Vancouver. The dude they called "Darude".

Now I grew up listening to Darude when I was a kid, when Sandstorm first came out and highly amused it returned later, which I'm also highly "O_O" by...dudes the guy has a bigger discography then "Sandstorm"!!!!! I was super excited to finely see this guy performing live but also very nervous at the same time, being terrified of crowds and considering the previous hi-jinks that occurred on missions. I expressed my concerns to Ville (aka Darude) himself, and much to my surprise he gave me pep-talk both live on his video stream and on twitter. Aww he cares and amused he "dress up whatever you want"....oh he knows about the cosplay.

Of course I dressed up in club cosplay. I was Yveltal...the pokemon of Death and Destruction. Bit of a stretch for me cause I'm not usually the persona of death. Went for a simple but effective getup. Made horns from a headband, pipe cleaners and felt. The shirt is tie-dyed and painted by hand to invoke, Yveltal's blood vessel-flesh like patterning.

The night itself...ok it got surreal-fantasy adventure akin to real fantasy story. When I show up at the club, the security said "I received a phone call about you", when I said "I'm nervous"....I'm thinking, "wait what?! is Ville up to something?". Hmmm in terms of crazy stuff....ok I expect people attracted to me because of my horns but usually the girl who tucked herself in the sideline doesn't want to talk...or give random shelf shots with random guys. (I obligated out of diplomacy...still weird)

While waiting in the sidelines....Darude slips by me into the dj booth...O_O?! He recognizes me and gives a pat on the back-hello. Awww...suddenly security asks to come in the dj booth area O_O!! Whoa! Ville invites me to sit on the couch with him then chat (actually if was me writing on a notepad cause my voice is too soft to hear) about various things like my home-turf -movie set village of Steveston, asking how to pronounce his real name of Ville (it's "Vi-la"), if I can call him "Vi-vi", thanked him for the pep-up, and gave me a reassuring hug when I said "I'm mildly autistic". Oh yeh I was allow to stay in the dj booth area/sheltered from the crowds for the entire Darude set. It was just me, Vi-vi, and his manager in the dj booth area. Everyone else was being kicked out. Because of that kind gesture...turn out to be the safest night ever.

Oh man Darude's set was awesome!!!! Vi-vi really rocked and it's quite obvious...he knows how to rock it and just went insane...he was just sweating! I helped abit but cheering with my flag every so often. I was careful not to interfere with the dj-ing....man the speakers near the booth were so loud, I couldn't approach/stay near them for too long. It was a break in the time-space continuity because Vi-vi dropped some his/general vintage tracks like Feel the Beat, Robert miles and yes he dropped Sandstorm....with some Angry Birds remix style! Angry Birds is Finnish too.
After the set, Darude greeted his fans and then we both left the venue together saying our goodbyes and best wishes. I told (in actual speech this time) that I love the nostalgia, and thats the second time I ever been in the dj booth. Vi-vi seem to surprise "oh really whose the first?" I replied "Oh Djs From Mars". Yep he knows them like casual basis and look surprised when I said "oh they're my friends". It was an unforgettable night and I am very thankful to one Finnish guy who gave me shelter and who made the start of Spring-Summer fun times on a very high note. Thank you.


My Friends Are Djs #102 - "Adviser"

Often when I get curious of the dj world etc...I ask my djs friends on advice-enlightenment. It's true I feel wiser about the EDM-DJ world. I meant for a rough ink lined approach to this piece.


My Friends Are Djs #101 - "Shelter"

Well the inspaition behind this one was....the Finnish dj Darude did give me shelter one club night (more details on that later). Couldn't help but make it into poetry-comic panel. Tried to experiment more with the picture book style of colouring/water colour painting when more intimate, calm moments occur.


My Friends Are Djs #100 - "Button Pushing"

Came back from a night at the club and spent the entire dj set behind the decks (I wasn't the dj...tell you later). Look at the decks I thought oh don't push the button. So made a couplet out of the thought.


My Friends Are Djs #99 - "Main Stream Dream"

Well was just playing with couplets-brain storming and came up with this....adjusted it from the original draft to make it 5 syllables each part/more harmony. Plus tried to experiment more with surrealist style painting and aimed for children's picture book soft feel...I feel can push more but getting there.


My Friends Are Djs #98 - "Wall of Silence"

Don't you wish you had the ability to create a wall of silence just to ignore the chatter of people etc? Breezey (and other Martians) can do that with gravity and sound energy. A friend once advised me on particular subject/group of people...."Just ignore then, They're Sheep"...so I composed this poem...and drew chattering, fluffy sheep.


My Friends Are Djs #97 - "Sleep"

Painted a drippy watercolour of Ethereal sleeping (she has sleep issues) and realized no poem to go with it. So composed this on the spot....Ethereal has alot of mental baggage and it sort of seeps out during his snooze. A slight caution against romanticizing dreams too much within the EDM-Rave world. Used watercolour washes plus gravity to make the drip effects.


My Friends Are Djs #96 - "On Boxes"

Experimenting with a more surrealists style of poetry form....one fitting for the enigmatic TV heads...plus I want to move them in more. Felt a little thinking in and out of the box.Technically this poem can go on forever.


My Friends Are Djs #95 - "About Ghosts"

Was brainstorming ideas/poems of toying with the idea of ghost producers...this is what i came up with. I might be pushing it. Ghost producing is a touchy thing in the dj-edm world...it's like the music equal to ghost writing. The second line used was different (not saying it) in the rough writing but was change to "goats" to make it silly and didn't want to be offensive. In addition as a bit of character trait development....Bitz did start as a ghost producer under another name before making it big.