My Friends Are Djs #83 - "Start the Engine"

Well came up with this poem and wanted to introduce Breezey's mom "Seagull". Breezey is adopted. Seagull is a free lancing gadgeteer (think person who makes mechanical devices etc for clients) with her clients the Rocket Twins, Komodo and Sandstorm. Species-wise, Seagull is a Lil' Bot and Albatross's younger sister.....it you didn't get the near identical appearance and the bird naming choice. Personality-wise....temperamental if provoked (not with Breezey though), patient, hardworking, and cheerful with a dash of eccentric (slight opposite of Albatross).

Poem is meant to reflect Seagull's mechanical skills, this comic's musical themes, and abit inspired by the Tori Amos song "Happy Worker" with its bounce, beat tone and mechanical lyrics.

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