My Friends Are Djs #85 - "The Calm - Needlepoint"

Just playing with characterizatoon via poetry...despite being the resident "insane" dj of the rooster...Needlepoint actually has a calmer more serious side in private and as a pre-gig ritual actually calms down and meditates with poetic language. I wish the water colour washes turned out better in the scanning process though. Wonder if Djs do something similar too before gigs?


My Friends Are Djs #84 - "Lyrical Weave"

Have been busy recently and the panel planned contained a character already in the previous panel soo....decided to do an ink-illustrated poem. Making lyrics is really like weaving words to the music. It's an easy thing to do and you gotta have talent.


My Friends Are Djs #83 - "Start the Engine"

Well came up with this poem and wanted to introduce Breezey's mom "Seagull". Breezey is adopted. Seagull is a free lancing gadgeteer (think person who makes mechanical devices etc for clients) with her clients the Rocket Twins, Komodo and Sandstorm. Species-wise, Seagull is a Lil' Bot and Albatross's younger sister.....it you didn't get the near identical appearance and the bird naming choice. Personality-wise....temperamental if provoked (not with Breezey though), patient, hardworking, and cheerful with a dash of eccentric (slight opposite of Albatross).

Poem is meant to reflect Seagull's mechanical skills, this comic's musical themes, and abit inspired by the Tori Amos song "Happy Worker" with its bounce, beat tone and mechanical lyrics.


My Friends Are Djs #82 - "Tidal"

If you have been a lover of music or worked in the music industry for a very long time....it's a known truth trends constantly changing very much prone to change like the movement of the tides over time and technically out of anyone's control. Still stays true within the genres themselves. Oh yes since Breezey lives in a waterfront village district, she has her own mini-boat for cruising nearby made by her adoptive mom.