My Friends Are Djs #81 - "Inktober Poem"

Was a little busy but manged to inspire something up....October is Ink Sketchy month and also one of the most insane nights for clubbing. Huge headliners popping up in major centres around the world.....AND alot of crazy stuff happening + being consumed. This is the free verse poem I improvised on the spot with slight sarcasm. Plus introducing a new character of sorts....of sorts because its not technically a true sentient character but rather a persona/manifestation of Ink itself. Meet Inkwell.....meant to be the enigma of a "poet" of the comic universe when none of the cast is writing the poems themselves.


My Friends Are Djs #80 - "Dj's Success"

Well in the continuing experimentation of peotry.....a haiku (I'm not kidding it's a real haiku) to djs in responsible to particular magazine's ranking system last week. Which causes earthquakes. Arts like music should not be put on a ranking system like tht....esp when its popularity contest. Popularity by fan votes doesn't always mean "the best" in the dj world. Alot of great djs can be missed because of that.


My Friends Are Djs #79 - "Music Ode"

Well I wanted to experiment abit with poetry and incorporating that into the comics cause...they seem like a natural fit with the heavy musical motifs and surrealism. This is the first of those experiment sessions peoms chosen. I didnt hv anything in mind in terms of choosing POV it was...but for this first experiment I choose Ethereal as the POV because she is the avant-garde/ trance dj.


Legend of Zelda: Symphony of Goddesses in Vancouver

Well that was beautiful and awesome.....the music of the Legend of Zelda live in concert compelte with a giant video screen and a live orchestra playing wow. The Legend of Zelda series is known for its very beautiful music score especially from Ocarina of Time onward...soooo being the Zelda fan me, I just had to go and see it at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This would be the second time I attended a specific video-game concert. There was merchandise....a bit on the pricey side as usual with events like this but got my self a t-shirt of Links from the ages to remember the event.

As for the show itself wow! The orchestra and choir performance/skill was really top notch yep yep. They played a lot of the well loved favorites from most of the Legend of Zelda games. The wind Waker Suite had the conductor use the same wind control baton like in Wind Waker the game. My favorite highlights being Gerudo Valley as its own segment, Dragon Roost Island and Majora's Mask suite. All synced with scenes from Hyrule and the respective games. It was really a colourful, musical journey through Hyrule...although triple encore was abit too much. Still it was an awesome night to behold.


My Friends Are Djs #78 - "One on One"

Well this is just to explore Komodo and Bitz's characterization plus their opinions on each other. In universe Komodo is the mentor of Bitz and Bitz is gift young dj with skill...but each have a flaw. Komodo is thousands of years old from another planet and Bitz is the youngling with lack of exp. despite skill and knowledge. The background is was aken from my village....may have been a film set today forgot.


My Friends Are Djs #77 - "Big Alba"

Haha knowing full well a certain birdish single was comng out soon by a certain Dutch duo (you know who you are guys)....decided to have fun and show off Albatross's power up form. All Lil' Bots have the ability to be...not so little at certain times. I just fun with the deisgn....fun fact Albatross is Breezey's adopted aunt. The background is a shot of the clouds I took and then heavily altered with filters.