My Friends Are Djs #72 - "Fashion Choice"

One fo the thigns that really gets on my nerves int he clubing-dance music world is....why is it almost most of the time...(ok that's an over statement somewhat)...little skin covering bikinis with fashion choices for females being sold in "rave supply" shops. Yep not a fan of the overt sex appeal outfits in clubs and gets really boring if everyone is wearing it plus the cliche that goes with it. For me, I am super uncomfortable with showing any skin in clubs because I attract unwanted attention.

Oh meet Stitch'in Lasher....Needlepoint and Pin Cushion's sister. They're triplets. In comparison to her insane siblings (especially her look-like sister), Stitch'in is more subdued (as highlighted in her subdued purple colours) and is the resident fashion designer of the cast. With a touch of sarcasm when it comes to fashion trends.

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