My Friends Are Djs #70 - Cracked

The inspiration for this is...do I even have to explain?! I getting really tired of this stereotype/idiot thinking that its the must do fashion here and making the sane "us's" look bad. From my experience in clubs from greatly suspecting people popping in crack(they always find of way of sneaking it in)...they don't end up well and end up ruining the night for other people in worse cases....trust me you do not want to end up in hospital or/and get the organizers in trouble as a result. Felt I really need to draw this out too after watching a video clip of a young EDM fan saying something along the lines of drugs are THE thing cause they enhance the experience. I have never taken drugs in my lifetime!

For this one went for the surreal-psychedelic approach with the top drug and the most dangerous in the comic's universe representing the danger of crack. Why is it dangerous? It's made the from gases and bodily fluids of Lucid the trippy sea-slug whose abilities cause vivid and dangerous hallucinations. Imagine drugs made from an alien sea slug demon to well nightmarish and alive to some extent. Edged the drawing with highlighters for a more dreamy edge.

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