My Friends Are Djs #69 - "Biblios"

Its actually a great joy, and bonding point for some fans to actually have similar interests (besides music) with their favorite djs. I feel that one of the ways I become sincere friends with my dj friends. Its really its a squeee moment when its true, for example I found out to my great amusement and joy my friends got hooked to Pokemon Go (I don't own a smart phone so no Go) and gamers in general too. Plus knowing post day is the same day as Harry Potter release...just had to do a book related thing.

The background was taken from the story section of Kidsbooks in Vancouver. Wanted something a little more active looking then a quiet library. Then distorted the image. The book the protagonists are interested in is called "Lady Dragon" a could be, future side project/story involving the titular "Lady Dragon" Deb, a broken but rebuilding dragon=like being living a 1920's/Black-White Cartoon era fantasy, town.

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