Gamer's Review - Lily Looking Through

Well even though this is a very short game (the ending felt abrupt and on a to be continued note), this is probably one of the most beautiful and serene point-click adventures I have ever played. The premise is you play as the titular Lily on journey to rescue her brother who was taken away by a mysterious red scarf. To help her in her journey she gains a pair of magical googles that allow her to look into the past.

Gameplay is typical of point click games as you are guiding Lily to "hot spots" and solving puzzles to move the story along. At the same time the interface felt stream-line and casual in nature. What I like about the art style is...it feels like story book illustrations. You're switching between the "seen better days" future and the bright, greenery of the utopian past, all through the eyes of an innocent child named Lily. I like Lily because other being a child, adventurer who immediately goes after her brother despite the possible danger, in this dystopian future she still manages to have fun like a child as suggestion when you treats old machinery as playground equipment during her adventures.

Other then the mention short length and to be continued ending....this was a very beautiful game to behold.



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