Gamer's Review - Next Penelope ( First Dipping)

Well this game actually been hiding in my humble bundle cache for a bit but decided to installed it after falling in love with the electronica-retro style soundtrack, and the very unique take on Greek mythology.

Next Penelope is a very futuristic take on the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer with Penelope being charged/threaten by the alien Poseidon to find Odysseus across the galaxy for the sake of her people. Nope Penelope is not sulking at home...she;s taking a spaceship and racing across the galaxy Imagine ancient Greek columns and architecture fitted in a very techno-colour retro-futuristic spacey setting...this is where the art style very much shines. Retro-future mythology hmm? The music is carries out the retro-futuristic style....with some synth mixed and a touch of progressive, You wouldn't even know the game is ancient Greek culture motif-ed.

Now I admit, I haven't played a true racing game in a very long time so I had problems trying to get used to the racing controls...most of it bumping into walls and mis-jumping off a cliff. Gameplay is played top down with Penelope's ship automatically accelerating and you have control of turning/avoiding walls and obstacles that will slow you down and chop away at your ship's energy (eventually you get more weapons)....while a giant alien thing from Poseidon is chasing you as you are racing towards the check point...hurry up!

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