Gamer's Review - Hyperdmension Neptunia Rebirth1 (First Dip)

Well this is novel idea and can only exist in the Japanese anime/gaming fandom world of what?! This would happens when gaming consoles and the gaming industry in general are rendered as hyper powered girls. Reminds me of my trip to Akihabara...that's anime/electronics district in Tokyo. Welcome to the world of Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1...where four goddesses rule over a portion of the Gameindustri world, each representing/themed after a gaming console. However as pointed out the opening prologue all is not peaceful as the 4 are fighting over "shares" in the world int he "Console Wars" and a mysterious voice suggests banish Neptune.

I think she's representing PS3

Representing Wii

Representing Xbox

Representing Sega Neptune

Well other then I hope this is not a hentai...based one scene here.....

It's been fun so far....basically gameplay with action-adventure with visual novel elements, navigating around a map with dialogue scenes playing out akin to a visual novel but switching to 3rdperson view during exploration segments. The actual battle is combo of turn based as you are positioning the character and entering in attack combos/skills during the "Turn". The entire art style is basically.....anime kawaii love with ALOT of video-gaming and game industry references/parodies tossed around....I am loving the Mecha Musume style of battle armor these girls don during the fever pitch. Oh what is going to happen next....proving to be cute and hilarious so far.

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