Retro Gaming Expo 2016 in Vancouver

Wow that was fun! It was a one day event but wow worth it especially if you';re a fan of games and consoles from the 80's old days. Well this year they had it in bigger location (the funny part was last year I thought this was the venue)....man it was downpour but people still came to enjoy. A few cosplayers (like me as Beartic) even had the guts to show up.

One of my favorite part of the expo...browsing the videogame flea market/slash artisan market.Wow its a whole,entire random treasure trove of video game stuff from every era with their systems included sometimes.Highly advise people to do a walk around/scouting mission first and make a wish list before.  Well I had a modest shopping but I was able to make stretch to two cheap 3DS games, artisan buttons and a used-good condition Keldeo plush.

My other highlight....playing the original Lemmings in how long on an Amiga. I have never seen,let alone touched an Amiga before but I have played the original Lemmings on the PC, a long time ago. Apparently I still got it by instinctively leading the green haired, lemmings to safety. Yep I didn't forget. Amazing the old systems set up for demo are still operating. Well that was one fun expo.

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