My Friends Are Djs #58 - "Crabanosaurus"

Ok I have to give credit to one of my dj friends for the Crabanosaurus idea.....you know who you are. I was just expressing curiosity at one of his vacation pictures of a giant crab and he joked..."it's a Crabanosaurus"....he's a silly dj and I love it! For the Crabanosaurus i just went whatever way with no finite direction, sooo it looks kooky. You really do learn new ideas when your friends are djs.

The characters have been watercolour, pencil crayon shaded and inked as usual. For the photo....again heavly altered and filtered to make it look like a monochrome white-colour background. The original picture was taken at an aquaria in Victoria, British Columbia....it's an octopus.

It's actually harder then it looks to alter a picture into monochrome colour-white. Well enjoy....

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