My Friends Are Djs #56 - "Musica Movement #1"

Well got a new paint program (OpenCanvas 6) and experimented around with it before attempting anything. I always wanted to use my pictures in my comics but lacked a proper paint progrm to it so here we go. Despite getting a new program....I'm still sticking to handcrafted, water colour painted look/nature to this comic. The inspiration trigger for these and its sibling panel came from how a very exotic number composed by one of my friends, is able "transport" listeners to other places. The actual picture used was taken on my trip to Northern Malaysia, a tropical country in South East Asia. Heavily filtered to make it look a shade of Breezey Blue.

The unaltered picture.

Fun, Random fact....this and its sibling comic was inked and shaded on sunny day in Steveston while watching the Power Rangers filming taking place. Crew were getting interested in what I was making and complemented.....I was humbled and focused on the job about it but wow its nice. Plus its an inspiring setting to do any art in.

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