Gamer's Review - Riff Racer

Well i am huge fan of mp3 powered games cause I want to play my music in different literal ways. This is unique approach. Riff Racer combines Audiosurf like gameplay elements with racing aspects. Each song produces a literal racetrack and you are navigating a car along the track which resembles Audiosurf's ribbon BUT then the racing aspects comes in. The ability to boost, drift, and jump off (plus doing tricks) ramps, plus the important bit you have to keep in sync with the twin bars that travel along the track with you....meaning crash into too many obstacles, fall off the track, etc, you'll fall out of sync but go ahead of the sync bars and you get a bonus.

Felt twichy at the start cause I haven;t played a acing game in a while. I do like the fact different genres get different styles and looks (my music library is vast in genres....new age is on the same playlist as EDM)....wish I was paying attention to the designs more....I was too busy trying to stay on track to notice. I wonder the genre buster tracks would file under hmm? I am loving the futuristic, techno colour cityscape in the sky look.

Overall so far it feels like a good companion (although I wish it was compatible with my gamepad) to the other mp3 powered games in my library. Top marks here.

Djs From Mars - "Open Sesame" Hmm categorized as Dance.

Adiemus - "Adiemus" Wonder to experiment with genres...hmm got categorized as Classical

MajorLazer vs. Knife Party - "Lean on Bonfire" (Djs From Mars mashup).
  Curious what Mashup would categorized as. Hmmm "Dance"


Steampowered Giraffe - "Red Queen" Amused this got categorized as Pop

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