Free Comic Book Day 2016

Well itsthe annual geeky tradition of....Free Comic Book day! Yep its the day of the year when comic store offer both free comics (made for this day specifically) on the first Saturday in May. This year I hit, 2 stores in Vancouver.....

First Stop was Big Pete's Collectables on Lonsdale in North Vancouver.....eclectic selection of mainstream interests comics and exotic stuff....Oooo Zita and Saga of Rex are here oooo.I never seen those comics any where esle too much. They had guest comic book artists in house selling prints and most of the staff really got into the spirit by dressing in cosplay...served by space marines, Alice, a power ranger and etc. This place handed out their free comics via random goodie bags at the door.

Second stop...my favplace for comics right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Golden Age comics. Lots of people gathered around the back selecting their comics. Just like previous years, it was a pick 4 only deal. So I scanned and picked my choices Pokemon and Lady Mechanika then filled in the rest with whatever seems to catch my eyes.

Got a pretty decent cache this year....always a fun time.

Check out what Free Comic Book Day is --> http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/992

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