My Friends Are Djs #60 - "Forever"

Well the inspiration for was...knowing it was going to be one week after Blasterjaxx night and from past experiences with unforgettable nights. I never truly forget them and they still give me abuzz in dreamland. The comic was first hand drawn and painted then....digitally added in the photos. The picture used in the dream bubble was taken from that night but severely distorted to give it that surreal, trippy dreamlike feel. The background is the garden next to the post office in Steveston village. The title "Forever" means both happy memories can last forever and alluding to the Blasterjaxx track "Forever".

Retro Gaming Expo 2016 in Vancouver

Wow that was fun! It was a one day event but wow worth it especially if you';re a fan of games and consoles from the 80's old days. Well this year they had it in bigger location (the funny part was last year I thought this was the venue)....man it was downpour but people still came to enjoy. A few cosplayers (like me as Beartic) even had the guts to show up.

One of my favorite part of the expo...browsing the videogame flea market/slash artisan market.Wow its a whole,entire random treasure trove of video game stuff from every era with their systems included sometimes.Highly advise people to do a walk around/scouting mission first and make a wish list before.  Well I had a modest shopping but I was able to make stretch to two cheap 3DS games, artisan buttons and a used-good condition Keldeo plush.

My other highlight....playing the original Lemmings in how long on an Amiga. I have never seen,let alone touched an Amiga before but I have played the original Lemmings on the PC, a long time ago. Apparently I still got it by instinctively leading the green haired, lemmings to safety. Yep I didn't forget. Amazing the old systems set up for demo are still operating. Well that was one fun expo.


Blasterjaxx in Vancouver 2016

Well that was the most insane night of my life which is still taking a while to settle down and process what just happened so lets give it a shot. Again despite being a electronic dance music fan for over two decades now......I am not used and uncomfortable with crowds in club setting. Man that was crazy! Stage jumpers being escorted out by security....guy deserved! Drunk girls (and suspect on drugs) making out with random objects and people (almost me) then collapsing. One guy flirting with me (actually that's normal/expected but still?!).....I kept crashing into people by accident because of me running from the loud sounds of the Co2 cannons. Yep it was such a high-energy and rowdy crowd that I was getting scared (plus worried about any panic attacks from crowd-phobia) and attempted to ask Thom and co. to see if I can watch from anywhere that is not in the audience. They politely said no for security reasons. Oh yeh guess what I did get to meet Blasterjaxx. First non-Italian dj I go to see.

Now we got the negative stuff out of the way let;s focus on the good stuff. Wow that was one amazing set (despite me going into panic mode because of the crowds and sudden loud noises) and wow Thom really rocked the house. Blasterjaxx is a Dutch dj duo with very intense energatic style but only Thom tours to give the other Jaxx, Idir, rest. Being cartoon me, I did do some intense awesome club cosplaying styling....a club style Zygarde.

I chose Zygarde because it would be awesome+creative to do body painting designs (neon greenon black hehehe) and he's a from newer gen. Blasterjaxx remade Lugia's Song for a track and I guessed they wouldn't know what the newer generation Pokemon look like so some exotic surprise.This outfit has the most elaborate and longest time to put on make up. A whopping 1 3/4 hours and I was exhausted after. The patterns are based off Zygarde's cell patterns in techno-abstract style with a pokeball on one shoulder and "Squishy's" red core on one hand. Neon colours are temperamental to put on because they appear faint. So to make it look bold, I applied over a white colour base. Same applies for the shirt...neon fabric paints are infamous to look bold on dark fabrics sooo I had to mix in a bit of white paint to make it visible on black. The shirt's motifs also follow Zygarde's body patterns. The entire ensemble glows under black light and I use a mini blacklight lamp to make sure it can glow the way I want to.

My manicure follows an abstract neon green-black motif thatlike the rest of the outfit glows under black light.

 Black : "Black" from Essence 
 Green: "In The Lime Light" - China Glaze
 Overlay: "Underwater World" - Rainbow Honey

The "Core" Fingers: 
"Crystal Sword" over "Crimson Nebula" 
(Both from Rainbow Honey)

Yep my outfit was amazing and it attract attention both traveling and at the venue it self both of the good and bad kind....just because I look dollish and I'm dressed up looking like cartoon doesn't mean you can treat me as living toy...don't get tooo friendly with me. The opening act dj even took a moment during his set to high five me. Awesome! 

The moment of the night...beforehand me and Blasterjaxx were on extremely good relations with each other so this is the moment where we finally get to meet face to face. This is the first time outside of best friends that the headlining dj wants to meet me. I didn't expect them to organize an mini-commando ops. to arrange a meet and greet...which involves my phone, their TM, a secret greenroom spot and etc. I admit I was very nervous yet excited at the very real chance of meeting Thom. Well while hiding on the sidelines of the stage and away from the big crowds....someone comes to fetch me and I lead into the green room. Wow this is the first time I ever been backstage (on stage yes) and who do I see waiting to greet me inside....Thom of Blasterjaxx. I was relatively calm, happy and nervous (from crowd exposure) to meet him. He looked happy to see me and he was very friendly with a strong but understandable Dutch accent plus very tall. He looked amazed at my makeup but didn't freak out. It was very short time together but we posed for pictures after I scolded my camera ("oh its a professional camera ^_^") and I got my flag autograph ("so which side do want to be autographed?" ^_^). He asked for any requests....I said "Legend Comes To Life" because there is Pokemon in the audience...he said he'll try. Awww it was amazing and very surprised/stunned it even happened....very much thanked him after.

 Don't laugh I know I blinked.

He chose to autographed the Canadian Side of the Dutch-Canada flag ^_^

Blasterjaxx's set was awesome and it really brought the house down. Thom dropped of course their tracks including what sounds like Heartbreak, collabs with Hardwell etc..some which sent me tracking down after..plus a few other stuff to spice things up, the old No Doubt track...haven't heard that in long while, Sandstorm (not surprised)....did he just drop in the set with the "Circle of Life" from the Lion King?! That is so epic in many ways and it touched my cartoon heart. It's true! You can hear me cheering in the video.

Man Thom was just soaking in and really got into the groove....he was calm with the stage invader on both counts yet he was rocking it out like a Pokemon with all the energy in the world in a frenzied,happy battle. All with a huge smile on his face. I was hiding on the sidelines watching the show through a glass divider alias an aquarium and tried my best to wave my flag up high. Lucky my camera after some scolding was able to take picture through the divider. I was happy Thom knew I was on the side lines cheering and smiled to me before he pops on stage. It was a gesture but it made me smile.

Well that was crazy night for both the bad and good reasons....I will never forget this night. Thank to all made this night amazing.


My Friends Are Djs #59 - "Meeting Explosief"

Now this straight to the point panel is based off my feelings on meeting particular dj soon and the biting feeling I was for real going to meet this dj face to face.....alot of emotions invovled and basically this is a calming exercise. I was honestly happy at the prospect but the same time nervous cause...the real thing for real is different then the image. The actual background image is the top floor exterior of the building in Steveston, which stands in for the Storybrooke library at certain times, zoomed in alot, then cropped to look like a warehouse setting.

If haven't already guessed "explosief" means "explosive" in dutch.


My Friends Are Djs #58 - "Crabanosaurus"

Ok I have to give credit to one of my dj friends for the Crabanosaurus idea.....you know who you are. I was just expressing curiosity at one of his vacation pictures of a giant crab and he joked..."it's a Crabanosaurus"....he's a silly dj and I love it! For the Crabanosaurus i just went whatever way with no finite direction, sooo it looks kooky. You really do learn new ideas when your friends are djs.

The characters have been watercolour, pencil crayon shaded and inked as usual. For the photo....again heavly altered and filtered to make it look like a monochrome white-colour background. The original picture was taken at an aquaria in Victoria, British Columbia....it's an octopus.

It's actually harder then it looks to alter a picture into monochrome colour-white. Well enjoy....


Gamer's Review - Riff Racer

Well i am huge fan of mp3 powered games cause I want to play my music in different literal ways. This is unique approach. Riff Racer combines Audiosurf like gameplay elements with racing aspects. Each song produces a literal racetrack and you are navigating a car along the track which resembles Audiosurf's ribbon BUT then the racing aspects comes in. The ability to boost, drift, and jump off (plus doing tricks) ramps, plus the important bit you have to keep in sync with the twin bars that travel along the track with you....meaning crash into too many obstacles, fall off the track, etc, you'll fall out of sync but go ahead of the sync bars and you get a bonus.

Felt twichy at the start cause I haven;t played a acing game in a while. I do like the fact different genres get different styles and looks (my music library is vast in genres....new age is on the same playlist as EDM)....wish I was paying attention to the designs more....I was too busy trying to stay on track to notice. I wonder the genre buster tracks would file under hmm? I am loving the futuristic, techno colour cityscape in the sky look.

Overall so far it feels like a good companion (although I wish it was compatible with my gamepad) to the other mp3 powered games in my library. Top marks here.

Djs From Mars - "Open Sesame" Hmm categorized as Dance.

Adiemus - "Adiemus" Wonder to experiment with genres...hmm got categorized as Classical

MajorLazer vs. Knife Party - "Lean on Bonfire" (Djs From Mars mashup).
  Curious what Mashup would categorized as. Hmmm "Dance"


Steampowered Giraffe - "Red Queen" Amused this got categorized as Pop


My Friends Are Djs #57 - "Musica Movement #2"

Another paint program experiment like the last one along the similartheme of music metaphorically transporting one personto faraway places....in this case it's avant-grad dj, Ethereal feeling transported as she is mixing music and hopefully her listeners will feel the same thing too. This "other place" is suppose to represent her former home of Echo Sea

First the normal drawing was made and painted then the photo was added in a paint program later on. This original picture used was taken at the KLCC Aquaria in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Very heavily altered with filters after.

Well see what other experiments come later.....


Free Comic Book Day 2016

Well itsthe annual geeky tradition of....Free Comic Book day! Yep its the day of the year when comic store offer both free comics (made for this day specifically) on the first Saturday in May. This year I hit, 2 stores in Vancouver.....

First Stop was Big Pete's Collectables on Lonsdale in North Vancouver.....eclectic selection of mainstream interests comics and exotic stuff....Oooo Zita and Saga of Rex are here oooo.I never seen those comics any where esle too much. They had guest comic book artists in house selling prints and most of the staff really got into the spirit by dressing in cosplay...served by space marines, Alice, a power ranger and etc. This place handed out their free comics via random goodie bags at the door.

Second stop...my favplace for comics right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Golden Age comics. Lots of people gathered around the back selecting their comics. Just like previous years, it was a pick 4 only deal. So I scanned and picked my choices Pokemon and Lady Mechanika then filled in the rest with whatever seems to catch my eyes.

Got a pretty decent cache this year....always a fun time.

Check out what Free Comic Book Day is --> http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/992


My Friends Are Djs #56 - "Musica Movement #1"

Well got a new paint program (OpenCanvas 6) and experimented around with it before attempting anything. I always wanted to use my pictures in my comics but lacked a proper paint progrm to it so here we go. Despite getting a new program....I'm still sticking to handcrafted, water colour painted look/nature to this comic. The inspiration trigger for these and its sibling panel came from how a very exotic number composed by one of my friends, is able "transport" listeners to other places. The actual picture used was taken on my trip to Northern Malaysia, a tropical country in South East Asia. Heavily filtered to make it look a shade of Breezey Blue.

The unaltered picture.

Fun, Random fact....this and its sibling comic was inked and shaded on sunny day in Steveston while watching the Power Rangers filming taking place. Crew were getting interested in what I was making and complemented.....I was humbled and focused on the job about it but wow its nice. Plus its an inspiring setting to do any art in.