My Friends Are Djs Special #1 - Autism Awareness

Hey well found out at the last moment it was World Autism Awareness day today and this is kind of how should I say it an important thing for me because I recently found out I have a mild autism. Just found out and figuring out/coming into grips with things. I did have an idea for such an occasion and recounted on personal experiences of being in the clubs for this one.

 For me personally, going clubbing is huge endeavor/ courage requirement for me. I strictly only go to club venues to enjoy music and only if my friends(or their friends) or/and djs I really love is performing. Stadiums and festivals are off limits for now.  Why? I panic at the sound of sudden loud noises like an air cannon/co-2 gun firing; the musical sounds are mostly ok. In addition and the msot pushing reason, I am super uncomfortable with large crowds of people in tiny spaces because I feel different from everyone plus ...especially if some people are being "crazy", irresponsible, negative...no sense of manners. The feel of being squished with so many people tightly is so much of a fear for me that I will get physical by accident/instincts (like a shock wave,panic response) if I slip into panic mode...worse for the other person (they deserve it!) if they're stupid enough to grab/provoke me on purpose for any stupid reason. Yes just like in the comic...one stranger in a club was stupid enough to..."Why arn't you dancing?" *grabs and pulls my arms to get me to dance*...ditz in question was lightly shoved away. I got a lots of stories like this from club nights.

I fine in clubs if I plan before hand in immense detail, stay mentally calm and aware of things around you (Big One!), expect crazy will happen and get ready, have phone in ready positions (with contacts on other end ready), and a big one....have friends on hand to offer any help what so ever. As bonus it helps if you're nice to the venue staff in particular the security, etc. If all goes well...club nights will be ok.

PS "Heart of Ice" is a real seasonal winter cocktail (vodka, Blue Alize combo) from the Exp Bar in Vancouver. My favorite cocktail so far.

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