Gamer's Review - Puzzle Agent

Well the first thing I noticed about this game from Telltale, when I spotted it in the steam store one day was...hey this art style looks familiar...where have I seen this...OH YES the Graham Annable short comic in the Flight anthology. Just like the short comic...Puzzle Agent retains Annable's  "line" drawn/simple style and its very bizarre/surreal-humor style with a touch of x-files mixed in a "mundane" setting.

You play a shaky/slightly jumpy FBI agent with the department of puzzles (?!) whose been greeted by a guy in spacesuit (?!?)  in the opening. Then you are given the case of what is happening at the eraser factory in Soggins, Minnesota as the White House ran out of erasers to do stuff fwith. Yep very bizarre/surreal stuff going on. Greatly amused too they incorporate the fact Minnesota REALLY does get heavy snow in the fall and has Scandinavian heritage (notice most of the locals are sporting such, slight accents). If you played Professor Layton before you'll be familiar with this game's style of play. A linear point-click style adventure/story with puzzle assignments along the way to move the story along. Puzzle types range greatly from "jigsaw puzzles" to "Spot the difference" with a hint system for help and....comically if you make mistakes with the answers it will be calculated as "Tax Payers" dollars...all just part of the humor.

Liking and knowing Graham Annable's style from the start and loving puzzle/adventure games like Professor Layton....I am deeply satisfied with this game so far.

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