Unique Videogame Music...A few of my picks.

You'll be surprised by the diverse influences video game music packs in....alot of it exciting the musical side of me in serious and emotional ways....like this is very sophisticated musical stuff going on....its not just beeps and bloops people. These are just SOME of my fav picks which greatly impressed me musically in its uniqueness and sounds.

A City Sleeps
Wow I never thought hip-hop and electronic would sound so good together.
The hip-hop influences gives the music, a "human" feel to the otherwise "Artificial"-Nightmare electronica soundscape. Considering the game's themes/styles of surreal-urban dreams, the music really fits in well. My favorite tracks - "Entomophobia" and "Empress".
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE

Beat Buddy
Wow this is unique, its underwater-fantasy journey with a beat gameplay and musicwise. In this case its heavy influences of electro-swing (which itself is a unique genre in the music world),jazz and funk. On the first level I was actually bopping along to the beat as soon as the swing beats tuned in. It was that foot stomping and I'm very impressed. My fav tracks "Beatbuddy Swing" and "Love Swing"
Soundtrack on Itunes --> Here

Wow this is very sophisticated sounds for a videogame and it matches the sci-fi/art-deco visual stlye of the game itself. I would describe the soundtrack as a fusion of electronica and something which I cannot describe other then different-soulful in pace and feel mixed in a distorted, surreal way as highlighted by the character Red's "relaxed yet passionate" voice. My fav track which is kind of a plot spoiler..."All Becomes One"
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE
 Very beautiful and new-age, traditional sounds in this beauty of a game. Having the rare honor of being one of two videogames so far to get nominated for Grammys. Journey is a wordless, and speechless game so basically the musical sounds and score is what is telling the narrative. My fav track..."I was Born for This"
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE
Steamworld Heist
I never thought I would hear western mixed with space adventures with robots. The mix of westerns with sci-fi/steampunk sounds (composed by Steam-Power Giraffe) is what impressed me the most. I never heard such a combo before in my life. In addition, what else thatimpressed me was...it really strongly links with the game's story and world. It feels like it's written from the POV of the steambots of this world. They are singing out their steam-powered hearts. My fav track.."Red Queen", the victory jig after you defeat the Red Queen (Celtic-Western battle cry, jig anyone?!) and "What We Need is Heroes", the steambots ballad about their plight and admiration of Piper's Crew.
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE

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