My Friends Are Djs #51 - "Steady Beat"

Motivated by recent events and wanting to keep it extremely subtle and humble....no matter crazy thing happens always keep to your own steady beat and live. Went for more experimental approach to this one.....

Meet Dusk and Dawn, Neptunian sisters from a different ocean then Ethereal and Telu-Rica. Initially they weren't intended to be Neptunians but as the wish for an elegent, stylish drummer characters went along they started to look like Neptunians sooo.....what the heck more Neptunians then but from another ocean to explain appearance differences. On Neptune, aliens from their ocean (Daybreak Sea) are born in pairs, light and shadow, physically/mentally bonded together. The Dusk-Dawn sisters were first inspired by the energy of Safri Duo and most importantly, the emotions/vibes of (plus its video) of singer Ellie Golding's track "Lights" which involved the singer drumming in a surreal light-dark art space. Even the colour schemes of the sisters is slightly based off Ellie Golding's drumming outfit in the video.

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