My Friends Are Djs #50 - "No Pineapples"

Well meet Needlepoint, a female lizard like Venusian dj and the pint sized sister of Pin Cushion.....also one of the most insane, mischief makers in the dj world and social contact/best friend of Telu. In Venusian society, females are pint sized, but tend to be more insane then their already insane male counterparts, and grow fewer spines but carry more potent venom in them (Needlepoint always has a Medic-Bot in tow). Needlepoint came to Earth along side her brother. Once you get to know, she's friendly. She is inspired by djs like Deadmau5, Dillon Francis and etc...and thought it would be fun to make her a female. Originally she was going to be male.

Hehe this gag was inspired by Tropical House's (I'm neutral) "butt monkey" status (and one of the real life inspirations DISLIKES Tropical House) and the fact one of the real life inspirations for Needlepoint did waltz off stage at Ultra, when the proper equipment wasn't provided.

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