My Friends Are Djs #49 - Miss Fortuna

Well just about every sane person in the music biz know, there are many ingredients to success, the big player being luck....you really need all the luck you can get to succeed...not just talent only will make instant success as some people ignorantly think.

Meet a new character to the cast....tea brewer and Italian style cafe owner in a Vegas casino, "The Lucky Shot"on the public surface, Fortuna, a real lady luck. On deeper level is a member of a tribe on Mars infamous for their luck abilities,in Fortuna's case she can manipulate/predict luck plus brew up special ingredients to make luck brews but its extremely rare and tricky to make because of the ingredients and not-so fantasy, nature of luck itself...so she'll only offer it in great times of need or if you pay her enough (which tends to not end too well for the receipt). She is transferred from an old project, partially based off a good friend, me wanting to include them in in my comics and giving them a very unique power. Fortuna is friendly cafe owner/server type but gets snarky/dry witted when pressed for her lucky elixir and doubted about her luck powers. Design wise she is based on playing card motifs. Fortuna's tea brewer is inspired by steampunk and Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches of inventions and machines.

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