Movied Review - Zootopia

Well what can I say about Zootopia other then, I did not expect to be such a serious yet funny movie with meaningful messages and humor woven in. As a Disney who seen ALOT of disney movies this is probably one of the most serious/intense ones Disney has come with so far.

My Nick and Judy Tsum Tsums are here.
Zootopia follows the exploits of a bunny named Judy Hopps trying to make a mark as Zootopia Police Department's first rabbit officer trying to solve the case of a missing otter, leading to big conspiracy and dealing with the social issues that come with the strife between predator and prey in the city. The central theme of the movie is being what you want to be and accepting others like yourself despite species expectation and the social divide between predator and prey which almost breaks out into riots in the city and such near Zootopia's climax. Judy and Nick's developing friendship is what drives breaking the predator and prey strife in the movie. Still humor is woven in to lighten things....lets see DMV run by sloths, naturalist club run by a hippie yak voiced by a real hippie, the godfather parody with shrews.....

I also found the plot line to be very complex. What starts as a missing mammal case turns out to a very ingenious mastermind's plot to reformat all of Zootopia which runs straight to the top government ranks. To be put it in a nutshell and without giving away spoilers, I never seen "a certain animal species" used in such nightmarish capacity since the videogame "Catherine". Animation was gorgeous and a sight to behold. Try animating the feel of several climate zones in one movie with their weather effects. The best scenes which emphasizes this is Judy's arrival trip which navigates through all the biomes of Zootopia which includes, tundras, rain forests, and deserts; trip through Tundra Town and the stormy, rain soaked chase through the Rainforest District.

In conclusion...another great Disney has been made.

Judy Hopps style manicure for movie day
Nick Wilde style manicure on the other hand

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