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Steambots Unite....I must say this is the first time I ever played a game that is a steampunk, western, space pirate adventure. I think its the ONLY such game out there. Welcome to the world of Steam World Heist from Image & Form. Set int he same universe as Steam World Dig but hundreds of years in the future and in space, you play as Captain Piper Faraday, and her space pirate crew roaming the galaxy helping steam-bots in need which soon escalates to a confrontation with the royalist diesel-bots and their Queen (and hidden evil in the galaxy.).
Ha! Yes that's my 3DS!

Artwise is where this game shines. Heavy influences of steampunk, with doses of space western. Everything feels robot-made yet with character and personality. For example, Piper's crew visits the outer-rim areas which is very gritty, ships barely holding together and rusty zooms to the regal refinement of Royalist space. The unique feel is continue with Steam-Power Giraffe doing the music and as a music lover,I can tell their music is really unique and fits Steam World Heist's atmosphere very well....the band itself even makes cameos in the game. Oh yes did mention everyone is a robot and speaks in robot gibberish.

Gameplay wise....I would describe it as a turn based shoot out. You take turns either moving into position and/or perform an action (usually ATTACK) on board an enemy ship. The trademark action is you can make trick-ricochet shots with certain guns having laser sight to aid in lining up the shot.

In conclusion, I would say its one of the best games available in the 3DS EShop for both its gameplay and unique atmosphere.

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