Gamer's Review - Day of the Tentacle ReMastered

Wow the last time I ever played (well watching my sister) play was like how many years ago as part of Lucas Arts adventure pack. Day of the Tentacle is one of the oldest and most well known point-click adventure games out there plus one of the most hilarious and bizarre coming from Double Fine and Lucas Arts.

The premise is you guiding 3 characters in different, respective time periods (present, colonial and bad future) to stop a power hungry Purple Tentacle thing from taking over the world....while doing some of the most hilarious actions in gaming history...hamster in microwave anyone??? Don't try that at home. The Remastered edition retains the game flow itself from the original but greatly improved on the graphics. The graphics is smooth and flow like great, flash animation and the "point-click" interface is stream lined into a "wheel" of options like "use" and "push" etc.

I am thrilled that its just like old times and I am just laughing my head off again hehe....oh the poor hamster.

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