Unique Videogame Music...A few of my picks.

You'll be surprised by the diverse influences video game music packs in....alot of it exciting the musical side of me in serious and emotional ways....like this is very sophisticated musical stuff going on....its not just beeps and bloops people. These are just SOME of my fav picks which greatly impressed me musically in its uniqueness and sounds.

A City Sleeps
Wow I never thought hip-hop and electronic would sound so good together.
The hip-hop influences gives the music, a "human" feel to the otherwise "Artificial"-Nightmare electronica soundscape. Considering the game's themes/styles of surreal-urban dreams, the music really fits in well. My favorite tracks - "Entomophobia" and "Empress".
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE

Beat Buddy
Wow this is unique, its underwater-fantasy journey with a beat gameplay and musicwise. In this case its heavy influences of electro-swing (which itself is a unique genre in the music world),jazz and funk. On the first level I was actually bopping along to the beat as soon as the swing beats tuned in. It was that foot stomping and I'm very impressed. My fav tracks "Beatbuddy Swing" and "Love Swing"
Soundtrack on Itunes --> Here

Wow this is very sophisticated sounds for a videogame and it matches the sci-fi/art-deco visual stlye of the game itself. I would describe the soundtrack as a fusion of electronica and something which I cannot describe other then different-soulful in pace and feel mixed in a distorted, surreal way as highlighted by the character Red's "relaxed yet passionate" voice. My fav track which is kind of a plot spoiler..."All Becomes One"
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE
 Very beautiful and new-age, traditional sounds in this beauty of a game. Having the rare honor of being one of two videogames so far to get nominated for Grammys. Journey is a wordless, and speechless game so basically the musical sounds and score is what is telling the narrative. My fav track..."I was Born for This"
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE
Steamworld Heist
I never thought I would hear western mixed with space adventures with robots. The mix of westerns with sci-fi/steampunk sounds (composed by Steam-Power Giraffe) is what impressed me the most. I never heard such a combo before in my life. In addition, what else thatimpressed me was...it really strongly links with the game's story and world. It feels like it's written from the POV of the steambots of this world. They are singing out their steam-powered hearts. My fav track.."Red Queen", the victory jig after you defeat the Red Queen (Celtic-Western battle cry, jig anyone?!) and "What We Need is Heroes", the steambots ballad about their plight and admiration of Piper's Crew.
Soundtrack on Bandcamp --> HERE


My Friends Are Djs #51 - "Steady Beat"

Motivated by recent events and wanting to keep it extremely subtle and humble....no matter crazy thing happens always keep to your own steady beat and live. Went for more experimental approach to this one.....

Meet Dusk and Dawn, Neptunian sisters from a different ocean then Ethereal and Telu-Rica. Initially they weren't intended to be Neptunians but as the wish for an elegent, stylish drummer characters went along they started to look like Neptunians sooo.....what the heck more Neptunians then but from another ocean to explain appearance differences. On Neptune, aliens from their ocean (Daybreak Sea) are born in pairs, light and shadow, physically/mentally bonded together. The Dusk-Dawn sisters were first inspired by the energy of Safri Duo and most importantly, the emotions/vibes of (plus its video) of singer Ellie Golding's track "Lights" which involved the singer drumming in a surreal light-dark art space. Even the colour schemes of the sisters is slightly based off Ellie Golding's drumming outfit in the video.


Gamer's Review - Steam World Heist

Steambots Unite....I must say this is the first time I ever played a game that is a steampunk, western, space pirate adventure. I think its the ONLY such game out there. Welcome to the world of Steam World Heist from Image & Form. Set int he same universe as Steam World Dig but hundreds of years in the future and in space, you play as Captain Piper Faraday, and her space pirate crew roaming the galaxy helping steam-bots in need which soon escalates to a confrontation with the royalist diesel-bots and their Queen (and hidden evil in the galaxy.).
Ha! Yes that's my 3DS!

Artwise is where this game shines. Heavy influences of steampunk, with doses of space western. Everything feels robot-made yet with character and personality. For example, Piper's crew visits the outer-rim areas which is very gritty, ships barely holding together and rusty zooms to the regal refinement of Royalist space. The unique feel is continue with Steam-Power Giraffe doing the music and as a music lover,I can tell their music is really unique and fits Steam World Heist's atmosphere very well....the band itself even makes cameos in the game. Oh yes did mention everyone is a robot and speaks in robot gibberish.

Gameplay wise....I would describe it as a turn based shoot out. You take turns either moving into position and/or perform an action (usually ATTACK) on board an enemy ship. The trademark action is you can make trick-ricochet shots with certain guns having laser sight to aid in lining up the shot.

In conclusion, I would say its one of the best games available in the 3DS EShop for both its gameplay and unique atmosphere.

The Official Trailer...


Gamer's Review - Day of the Tentacle ReMastered

Wow the last time I ever played (well watching my sister) play was like how many years ago as part of Lucas Arts adventure pack. Day of the Tentacle is one of the oldest and most well known point-click adventure games out there plus one of the most hilarious and bizarre coming from Double Fine and Lucas Arts.

The premise is you guiding 3 characters in different, respective time periods (present, colonial and bad future) to stop a power hungry Purple Tentacle thing from taking over the world....while doing some of the most hilarious actions in gaming history...hamster in microwave anyone??? Don't try that at home. The Remastered edition retains the game flow itself from the original but greatly improved on the graphics. The graphics is smooth and flow like great, flash animation and the "point-click" interface is stream lined into a "wheel" of options like "use" and "push" etc.

I am thrilled that its just like old times and I am just laughing my head off again hehe....oh the poor hamster.


My Friends Are Djs #50 - "No Pineapples"

Well meet Needlepoint, a female lizard like Venusian dj and the pint sized sister of Pin Cushion.....also one of the most insane, mischief makers in the dj world and social contact/best friend of Telu. In Venusian society, females are pint sized, but tend to be more insane then their already insane male counterparts, and grow fewer spines but carry more potent venom in them (Needlepoint always has a Medic-Bot in tow). Needlepoint came to Earth along side her brother. Once you get to know, she's friendly. She is inspired by djs like Deadmau5, Dillon Francis and etc...and thought it would be fun to make her a female. Originally she was going to be male.

Hehe this gag was inspired by Tropical House's (I'm neutral) "butt monkey" status (and one of the real life inspirations DISLIKES Tropical House) and the fact one of the real life inspirations for Needlepoint did waltz off stage at Ultra, when the proper equipment wasn't provided.


My Friends Are Djs #49 - Miss Fortuna

Well just about every sane person in the music biz know, there are many ingredients to success, the big player being luck....you really need all the luck you can get to succeed...not just talent only will make instant success as some people ignorantly think.

Meet a new character to the cast....tea brewer and Italian style cafe owner in a Vegas casino, "The Lucky Shot"on the public surface, Fortuna, a real lady luck. On deeper level is a member of a tribe on Mars infamous for their luck abilities,in Fortuna's case she can manipulate/predict luck plus brew up special ingredients to make luck brews but its extremely rare and tricky to make because of the ingredients and not-so fantasy, nature of luck itself...so she'll only offer it in great times of need or if you pay her enough (which tends to not end too well for the receipt). She is transferred from an old project, partially based off a good friend, me wanting to include them in in my comics and giving them a very unique power. Fortuna is friendly cafe owner/server type but gets snarky/dry witted when pressed for her lucky elixir and doubted about her luck powers. Design wise she is based on playing card motifs. Fortuna's tea brewer is inspired by steampunk and Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches of inventions and machines.


My Friends Are Djs #48 - "Fish Gun"

Well this is just a random ridiculous ammo related gun gag after making tooo many fish gun related puns with an Aussie dj...I didn't expect him to reply so I improvise on the spot the specifics for a fish gun. Has a sashimi setting if you don't mind food being BONKed at rocket speeds. In addition, my humor style includes threatening to whip out laser cannons,laser guns....any sort of weird ammo weaponry....so I thought ok lets draw one of this weird guns and to further emphasize Breezey's fixation with weird,over the top weapons....just had fun with drawing a fish gun.


Movied Review - Zootopia

Well what can I say about Zootopia other then, I did not expect to be such a serious yet funny movie with meaningful messages and humor woven in. As a Disney who seen ALOT of disney movies this is probably one of the most serious/intense ones Disney has come with so far.

My Nick and Judy Tsum Tsums are here.
Zootopia follows the exploits of a bunny named Judy Hopps trying to make a mark as Zootopia Police Department's first rabbit officer trying to solve the case of a missing otter, leading to big conspiracy and dealing with the social issues that come with the strife between predator and prey in the city. The central theme of the movie is being what you want to be and accepting others like yourself despite species expectation and the social divide between predator and prey which almost breaks out into riots in the city and such near Zootopia's climax. Judy and Nick's developing friendship is what drives breaking the predator and prey strife in the movie. Still humor is woven in to lighten things....lets see DMV run by sloths, naturalist club run by a hippie yak voiced by a real hippie, the godfather parody with shrews.....

I also found the plot line to be very complex. What starts as a missing mammal case turns out to a very ingenious mastermind's plot to reformat all of Zootopia which runs straight to the top government ranks. To be put it in a nutshell and without giving away spoilers, I never seen "a certain animal species" used in such nightmarish capacity since the videogame "Catherine". Animation was gorgeous and a sight to behold. Try animating the feel of several climate zones in one movie with their weather effects. The best scenes which emphasizes this is Judy's arrival trip which navigates through all the biomes of Zootopia which includes, tundras, rain forests, and deserts; trip through Tundra Town and the stormy, rain soaked chase through the Rainforest District.

In conclusion...another great Disney has been made.

Judy Hopps style manicure for movie day
Nick Wilde style manicure on the other hand