My Friends Are Djs #47 - "Crazy House"

Well the main idea was showing where the djs live when not touring or performing on stage plus a slice of life look at the "Junk Towns" the aliens on earth dwell. In real life, not all djs live in big fancy complexes. I was thinking of doing a cramped apartment block hidden somewhere in the human world but I experimented first with Poco and Alto's apartments in Torino....awesome security from fans if a club bouncer and a hitman are living on the bottom units.

 Very loosely based their apartment tower on real buildings in Torino but thinking these are expressive aliens + to give it a very surreal/messed up bohemian touched look; tailored each apartment unit's look based on the tenants. Obviously the units are bending time and space cause of signs the units are bigger on the inside. It was kind of tricky to paint cause of all the colours and watercolour washes involved

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