My Friends Are Djs #45 - "Selfie"

Realizing at the last moment that Valentine time's day is coming up on the same day as "Post day" I went into brainstorming mode to see what I could come up with....so here's Bitz and Breezey taking a friend's selfie and...Breezey getting death treats from crazied fangirls. There are real fangirls that are actually crazy and insane enough to send death treats cause another is near "their" man....fortunately I never had death treats flung at me, swimming around the dj world...but I do have to watch my step around them in live chatrooms held by djs and in the clubs. In addition, another motivating inspiration behind the drawing was....getting peeved with some people mistaking any strong, intimate bond as "romantic" so I wanted to show a strong, intimate bond can made of just pure friendship/non-romantic...also to point out despite Bitz and Breezey being the youngest in the cast...they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. I am very experienced and enriched with such friendships too.

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