My Friends Are Djs #44 - "Tap!"

Ok mainlyI wanted to draw a giant monster for this piece and after chatting with veteran djs, I thought they must seen and experienced alot in their life times....more so then the young djs now who already experienced alot.Well was inspired to this....this is Komodo's real form. Like all Martians so far...he is inspired by a mix of sea creatures and insects in this case armored insects mixed with an alligator gar (that's a fish) to suit his reptile theme....which I admit looks more gharial( reptiles that look similar to crocodiles except for the weird looking snouts) because of the snout/head shape. Komodo is a military Vet who was doused on the eye and shoulders with a chemical weapon, so literally he has seen hell. I tried to capture Komodo feeling awkward doing "happy" gestures like friendship taps after all he's been through.

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