Gamer's Review - Hatoful Boyfriend

Imagine this...it's a high school romance with several eligible bachelors among your classmates (with you seemingly being the only/or few female(s) in class) which you get to choose to romance yourself. The twist....they're all pigeons! Yep thats basically the premise of the visual novel, "Hatoful Boyfriend". In the aftermath of a disaster which left intelligent birds as the dominant species on  Earth with humans degraded to a hunter-gather minority. You play as a human girl who was invited to study at St. PigeoNation Institute for birds as the first human student.

Like most dating visual novels, you get to pick choices (like you love interests) to obtain one of the multiple endings and options to raise you stats. Despite the fact its a parody and the absolutely hilarious/insane premise of pigeon dating....the game plays out like pleasant romantic visual novel complete with real emot....pigeon emotions and hehe actually kind of aww. I guess the humor would be despite the pigeons....everything is pretty fun-

normal. Although nervous of what the secret hinted horror route is like.

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