My Friends Are Djs #47 - "Crazy House"

Well the main idea was showing where the djs live when not touring or performing on stage plus a slice of life look at the "Junk Towns" the aliens on earth dwell. In real life, not all djs live in big fancy complexes. I was thinking of doing a cramped apartment block hidden somewhere in the human world but I experimented first with Poco and Alto's apartments in Torino....awesome security from fans if a club bouncer and a hitman are living on the bottom units.

 Very loosely based their apartment tower on real buildings in Torino but thinking these are expressive aliens + to give it a very surreal/messed up bohemian touched look; tailored each apartment unit's look based on the tenants. Obviously the units are bending time and space cause of signs the units are bigger on the inside. It was kind of tricky to paint cause of all the colours and watercolour washes involved


Gamer's Review - Hatoful Boyfriend

Imagine this...it's a high school romance with several eligible bachelors among your classmates (with you seemingly being the only/or few female(s) in class) which you get to choose to romance yourself. The twist....they're all pigeons! Yep thats basically the premise of the visual novel, "Hatoful Boyfriend". In the aftermath of a disaster which left intelligent birds as the dominant species on  Earth with humans degraded to a hunter-gather minority. You play as a human girl who was invited to study at St. PigeoNation Institute for birds as the first human student.

Like most dating visual novels, you get to pick choices (like you love interests) to obtain one of the multiple endings and options to raise you stats. Despite the fact its a parody and the absolutely hilarious/insane premise of pigeon dating....the game plays out like pleasant romantic visual novel complete with real emot....pigeon emotions and hehe actually kind of aww. I guess the humor would be despite the pigeons....everything is pretty fun-

normal. Although nervous of what the secret hinted horror route is like.


My Friends Are Djs #46 - "Note Worthy"

Well this was my attempt during a sketching brain storm to make sophisticated gag so here it is two djs shoping for notes on the shelf in a store....yep thats kind of how a song is made...stringing together beats and notes to make music. If you do play the musical notes depicted here properly....you will actually play the opening bars of "Hot Cross Buns"....so its not a random note placement...its a real arrangement.


Booked Off Review - I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Well why didn't I think of doing this sooner....here is my first book related review. Now this is the first novel I ever gotten when I started working at a book store...I am Princess X by Cherie Preist. So hang on there is going to be some glitches....

The premise is a girl and her (recently deceased) friend used to work own their little comic project featuring a ballroom gown, converse wearing, and katana wielding princess...the titular Princess X. However, the friend is involved in tragic accident...Princess X dies with her. One day, the protagonist spots something very familiar....Princess X and an entire underground webcomic featuring her and very intimate details only she and the friend would have known. Knowing Princess X is suppose to private, between friends creation....this starts off a "what is going on?" investigation.

What attracted me to the book first besides Princess X on the cover looking awesome, was the hybrid nature of the narrative. Since, the protagonist is investigating a webcomic, the book contains the actual comic panels so we the reader get to investigate the mystery of the webcomic. The webcomic is very well done....first we see Princess X as a childhood scribble then as a professionally done and detailed comic is a bit surreal and awesome to feel. The purple ink of the comics touch is a well nice magical touch. As for writing, the story touches upon themes of the communications gap between generations...the protagonist is trying to convince her elders that a webcomic (new media) is giving her clues and the themes of friendship. Its obvious the friends were close and the protagonist is willing to figure what happened when opportunity rings. Its a short book around over 200 pages but the highlight is the plot keeps straight to the point and very fast phased pausing to a slow, when the characters are trying to sort out/decipher clues in the comic.

In closing words.....yep this was very interesting and fun hybrid read.


My Friends Are Djs #45 - "Selfie"

Realizing at the last moment that Valentine time's day is coming up on the same day as "Post day" I went into brainstorming mode to see what I could come up with....so here's Bitz and Breezey taking a friend's selfie and...Breezey getting death treats from crazied fangirls. There are real fangirls that are actually crazy and insane enough to send death treats cause another is near "their" man....fortunately I never had death treats flung at me, swimming around the dj world...but I do have to watch my step around them in live chatrooms held by djs and in the clubs. In addition, another motivating inspiration behind the drawing was....getting peeved with some people mistaking any strong, intimate bond as "romantic" so I wanted to show a strong, intimate bond can made of just pure friendship/non-romantic...also to point out despite Bitz and Breezey being the youngest in the cast...they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. I am very experienced and enriched with such friendships too.


My Friends Are Djs #44 - "Tap!"

Ok mainlyI wanted to draw a giant monster for this piece and after chatting with veteran djs, I thought they must seen and experienced alot in their life times....more so then the young djs now who already experienced alot.Well was inspired to this....this is Komodo's real form. Like all Martians so far...he is inspired by a mix of sea creatures and insects in this case armored insects mixed with an alligator gar (that's a fish) to suit his reptile theme....which I admit looks more gharial( reptiles that look similar to crocodiles except for the weird looking snouts) because of the snout/head shape. Komodo is a military Vet who was doused on the eye and shoulders with a chemical weapon, so literally he has seen hell. I tried to capture Komodo feeling awkward doing "happy" gestures like friendship taps after all he's been through.