Animated Music Video - My Fav Picks

Artists always love to make an impression and stretch their creative muscles with their music videos trying to make it unique as possible....using animation/ animating is one way. It;s pretty interesting when the creative muscles are stretched to create visuals that match/harmonize with the sounds.

So as a celebration of, and bonding between my animation and music loving sides, here's my fav picks of...animated music videos.

Gigi D'Agostino - "The Riddle"
Cover of the 80's track from Nik Kershaw, D'Agostino's ver. features
 simple but surreal chalk drawing, line animation akin to animation found in
the old Italian comedy series "La Linea" to drive its riddle along. 

Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren - "Off The Hook"
Tron style, 2-D cartoony reigns supreme here as deuling djs Hardwell and
Armin Van Buuren duke it out in cyberspace with their
respective style, House vs. Trance. Hardwell battle with electronic style shapes
while Armin's shapes are more cyber-dream like. 

Whistlechain - "Music Rocks"
Prob one of the most imaginative, surreal and whimsical uses
of flash style animation I seen in a music video...
plus it looks like a newbie artist. The heart looks so cute marching in
a dystopia world..

Alice Francis - "Shoot Him Down"
This Electro-Swing track from Alice Francis pays tribute to the old black and white
cartoons from the 1920-30s, as a cat girl sings her woes with cartoon chaos
raining down upon the "him" in the audience. 

 Blasterjaxx - "Heartbreak"
 Cgi/ Cel shaded graphics are employed in this track from Blasterjaxx. 
Sci-fi themed and the animation style reminds me abit of
RWBY in terms of its cel-shaded looks.

Ilona Mitrecey - "Un Monde Parfait"
Abit of a surprise choice, this children's song became
a surprise dance hit when it was first released. Cgi animation
 paints a child's perfect world. "Un Monde Parfait" is 
french for "A Perfect World". 

deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt
A loving tribute to the late Ray Bradbury from
one of the wildest, and loudest djs in the world...
simple 2-D, shadow puppet style flash animation depicts
the short story "The Veldt" from the children's point of veiw. 

Djs From Mars - "Insane (in Da Brain)"
With a mixture of 2-D and 3-D graphics, the Martians manages
to lampoon, around over 30 iconic music videos for their 
track. Apparently they also managed to drive the
director for this video insane too for real....they kept 
popping in suggestions.

Djs From Mars - "Welcome to the Darkside"
Nope, no favortism here. I honestly think, this is
good animation and an awesome track. Reminds me of "The Veldt" and
 the game "Limbo" (which another of the real dj's friends did mention also).
Flash style, 2-D shadow puppet style graphics 
depicts a dark world akin to Dante's Inferno, ending it off with a party in the heavens.

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