My Friends Are Djs #43 - "This is Albatross...Bounce!"

Well was experimenting/brainstorming around ideas for more multi-panel gags...so this is what I came up with. Albatross dealing one of the Three Blind Mice...yep Albatross is a bouncer of the Toybox club who can well bounce. In addition, was also partially inspired by a time at a venue when some guys had the nerve to pick a fight with security...ended peacefully but wow that was not a wise move to do. Lil' Bots (Albatross and The Blind Mice's species) are also made of liquid nanobot/metal composite hence why the mouse breaks into liquid drops rather then spare bots. The comic title is making allusions to the song by Aronchupa, Albatross is named after.


My Friends Are Djs #42 - "Info and Data"

Nothing super sophisticated on my mind other then I wanted to another water colour brain storm, mess session on the weekend and I wanted to have another panel featuring Telu-Rica. Went for the abstract point of view on this with Telu flying around in pure abstract watercolour wash of information and social media...her being a blogging-social media broker with basically her remarking on the nature of information, data and the game changing nature of social media today....they are really powerful tools that can cut either way good or bad so be careful with them.


My Friends Are Djs #41- Sending Love

Every dj and their sane minded fans very much know that...to thrive in the music business, one of the things you need is not only actually talent but also the support and love from fans/ djs alike. This was made in response to several "top" djs who actually thanked me back with sincere happiness after I expressed admiration and support for their music...thanks.


Gamer's Review - Broken Age

A peaceful and tranquil scene if weren't for what happens after
Well this is probably one of the most beautiful yet blackest comedy point-click adventures I ever played. Broken Age follow the tales of Vella and Shay on their coming of age journeys. Vella is a spunky, young girl whose path is more fantasy oriented as she is chosen by her village as a maiden to be sacrificed to giant scary monster (yep black comedy). Shay is traveling on a spaceship designed for babies being smoothed by a computer motherboard (who treats him like he's still a toddler) and longs for actual adventure beyond the safe environment of the spaceship.

Doesn't Shay sound like Frodo Baggins (hint hint) hehe?
Like most other titles from "Double Fine"....great game play is mixed with great art styles and healthy doses of comedy, which in this case I was very surprised because the comedy has heavy doses of morbid-black comedy. A ceremony involving a giant ugly monster eating young maidens is treated as a happy yet morbid celebration and to be chosen as a maiden is considered an honor. The maidens (besides Vella) are giddy with joy and prove to be so annoying in personality to the point that....will the giant monster just eat them already!? Shay's motherboard computer is motherly about him, its just hilarious to see her fret overly too much.

Gameplay is akin to what you find typically in a point click adventure only it fells very stream lined. Only the clicking on "hot-spots" is needed to look, see or touch plus you have an inventory. The slight twist would be, you are able to freely switch between Shay and Vella's story lines which proves to important in the 2nd act. The puzzles felt like more casual then usual point-click, but still tricky in some ways.

Eat up!
Art style is top notch....it feels like calm (which ironic considering the events that unfold), and pleasant with its rich oil or acrylic painted like visuals. It feels like you're stepping into an illustrated children's picture book....which is kind of hilarious considering the morbid turn of events.

This has been one epic and hialrious trip....


My Friends Are Djs #40 - "Surprises Everyday"

When you friends are djs and are constantly releasing new stuff for all to enjoy...yep basically everyday is a surprise especially if the djs in question are some of the most insane djs in the world. Made partial in response to my actual dj friends releasing a new single on the 11th this month..and the sheer shock of what it could be.


Animated Music Video - My Fav Picks

Artists always love to make an impression and stretch their creative muscles with their music videos trying to make it unique as possible....using animation/ animating is one way. It;s pretty interesting when the creative muscles are stretched to create visuals that match/harmonize with the sounds.

So as a celebration of, and bonding between my animation and music loving sides, here's my fav picks of...animated music videos.

Gigi D'Agostino - "The Riddle"
Cover of the 80's track from Nik Kershaw, D'Agostino's ver. features
 simple but surreal chalk drawing, line animation akin to animation found in
the old Italian comedy series "La Linea" to drive its riddle along. 

Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren - "Off The Hook"
Tron style, 2-D cartoony reigns supreme here as deuling djs Hardwell and
Armin Van Buuren duke it out in cyberspace with their
respective style, House vs. Trance. Hardwell battle with electronic style shapes
while Armin's shapes are more cyber-dream like. 

Whistlechain - "Music Rocks"
Prob one of the most imaginative, surreal and whimsical uses
of flash style animation I seen in a music video...
plus it looks like a newbie artist. The heart looks so cute marching in
a dystopia world..

Alice Francis - "Shoot Him Down"
This Electro-Swing track from Alice Francis pays tribute to the old black and white
cartoons from the 1920-30s, as a cat girl sings her woes with cartoon chaos
raining down upon the "him" in the audience. 

 Blasterjaxx - "Heartbreak"
 Cgi/ Cel shaded graphics are employed in this track from Blasterjaxx. 
Sci-fi themed and the animation style reminds me abit of
RWBY in terms of its cel-shaded looks.

Ilona Mitrecey - "Un Monde Parfait"
Abit of a surprise choice, this children's song became
a surprise dance hit when it was first released. Cgi animation
 paints a child's perfect world. "Un Monde Parfait" is 
french for "A Perfect World". 

deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt
A loving tribute to the late Ray Bradbury from
one of the wildest, and loudest djs in the world...
simple 2-D, shadow puppet style flash animation depicts
the short story "The Veldt" from the children's point of veiw. 

Djs From Mars - "Insane (in Da Brain)"
With a mixture of 2-D and 3-D graphics, the Martians manages
to lampoon, around over 30 iconic music videos for their 
track. Apparently they also managed to drive the
director for this video insane too for real....they kept 
popping in suggestions.

Djs From Mars - "Welcome to the Darkside"
Nope, no favortism here. I honestly think, this is
good animation and an awesome track. Reminds me of "The Veldt" and
 the game "Limbo" (which another of the real dj's friends did mention also).
Flash style, 2-D shadow puppet style graphics 
depicts a dark world akin to Dante's Inferno, ending it off with a party in the heavens.


My Friends Are Djs - Caution Cocktails

Otrher then I wished this scanned better.....Well during brainstorm sketch sessions...and knowing its the first comic of the new year., just a straight to the point gag and public service announcement. In a club, always keep an eye on your drinks before someone slips something in....and beware of drinks offered by strangers (on the house from the bartender is an exception) for same reason. Hehe I just went for a what is the most ridiculous and sci-fi way to portray this soooo went for the robotic nanobot route....one nasty tempered Lil' Bot with no name.