My Friends Are Djs #89 - "Front and Back"

Experimented more with the reverse poetry form...notice its the same words just backwards and forwards. I was also thinking do fans and djs alike experience similar emotion before the show starts?


Gamer's Review - "The Metronomicon"

If I could describe this game in a nutshell, I would say its Dance Dance Revolution meets Dungeons and Dragons at a rave! Yep welcome to "The Metronomicon", the world is being invaded by weird, dancing monsters and up to the masters of musical-rhythmic magical-combat arts to fend them off. Hmm reminds of Game of Thrones rave (it's real!)....Yep its that insane as it sound but it got one of the most awesome tracks to grace any indie game.....synth, EDM, rock, electro mixture. One of the main reasons I got this game was Shiny Toy Gun's "Live it up".

The style-look is fusion rave culture/colours meets medieval fantasy. A discotheque dance floor in the middle of fairy forest. If you seen pictures of the infamous Game of Throne rave that popped up one day....you get the idea but with alot of more blinding colours, more on Dungeons and Dragons style and insane monsters. Lets just say Party Animals are actual monstrous, raving animals that will hurt you.

The game mechanics functions like an RPG with class-system, exp. points, elemental weaknesses and equipment while launching attacks at the enemy...but to perform attacks to have to string-time together notes alias Dance Dance Revolution. Yes you still have to use strategic tactics not just button mash. Thats interesting!

So far it's proving to be an interesting ride....


My Friends Are Djs #88 - "Free Fall'n"

This came about a poetry brainstorming session and experimenting with reverse poetry. I was just thinking about the happy emotions associated the musical world then thought...the birdy-bots sisters (Albatross and Seagull) would be appropriate to illustrate the poem. Yes I know I made a spelling mistake.


My Friends Are Djs #87 - "Haiku Hums"

Was brainstorming and writing down poems....its true when your friends are djs that tour alot, time with them face to face is very rare but for listening to their music makes it feel like they are here. In the comic's universe, music is actual energy force infused with soul fragments sometimes. Music is life in this world. The "energy" thing is suppose to resemble Poco's real beady eyed form. Oh yeh whoever thinks poems are easy to compose....are idiots! it's harder then it looks to compose poems...kudos to lyric makers too. Tried for a haiku style this time.


My Friends Are Djs #86 - "Ethereal's Matra"

Other then Monday nights are now posting nights and I prob spelled something wrong in the title....This is Ethereal's mental ritual before manning the dj decks and experimented abit with the poetry form. When imagining things from Ethereal's POV...it feels very zen, surreal yet stern. She is nicknamed the "Stern Silence" after all. Had abit of problem scanning it in and tried to corrected with paint program colour adjustments.


My Friends Are Djs #85 - "The Calm - Needlepoint"

Just playing with characterizatoon via poetry...despite being the resident "insane" dj of the rooster...Needlepoint actually has a calmer more serious side in private and as a pre-gig ritual actually calms down and meditates with poetic language. I wish the water colour washes turned out better in the scanning process though. Wonder if Djs do something similar too before gigs?


My Friends Are Djs #84 - "Lyrical Weave"

Have been busy recently and the panel planned contained a character already in the previous panel soo....decided to do an ink-illustrated poem. Making lyrics is really like weaving words to the music. It's an easy thing to do and you gotta have talent.


My Friends Are Djs #83 - "Start the Engine"

Well came up with this poem and wanted to introduce Breezey's mom "Seagull". Breezey is adopted. Seagull is a free lancing gadgeteer (think person who makes mechanical devices etc for clients) with her clients the Rocket Twins, Komodo and Sandstorm. Species-wise, Seagull is a Lil' Bot and Albatross's younger sister.....it you didn't get the near identical appearance and the bird naming choice. Personality-wise....temperamental if provoked (not with Breezey though), patient, hardworking, and cheerful with a dash of eccentric (slight opposite of Albatross).

Poem is meant to reflect Seagull's mechanical skills, this comic's musical themes, and abit inspired by the Tori Amos song "Happy Worker" with its bounce, beat tone and mechanical lyrics.


My Friends Are Djs #82 - "Tidal"

If you have been a lover of music or worked in the music industry for a very long time....it's a known truth trends constantly changing very much prone to change like the movement of the tides over time and technically out of anyone's control. Still stays true within the genres themselves. Oh yes since Breezey lives in a waterfront village district, she has her own mini-boat for cruising nearby made by her adoptive mom.


My Friends Are Djs #81 - "Inktober Poem"

Was a little busy but manged to inspire something up....October is Ink Sketchy month and also one of the most insane nights for clubbing. Huge headliners popping up in major centres around the world.....AND alot of crazy stuff happening + being consumed. This is the free verse poem I improvised on the spot with slight sarcasm. Plus introducing a new character of sorts....of sorts because its not technically a true sentient character but rather a persona/manifestation of Ink itself. Meet Inkwell.....meant to be the enigma of a "poet" of the comic universe when none of the cast is writing the poems themselves.


My Friends Are Djs #80 - "Dj's Success"

Well in the continuing experimentation of peotry.....a haiku (I'm not kidding it's a real haiku) to djs in responsible to particular magazine's ranking system last week. Which causes earthquakes. Arts like music should not be put on a ranking system like tht....esp when its popularity contest. Popularity by fan votes doesn't always mean "the best" in the dj world. Alot of great djs can be missed because of that.


My Friends Are Djs #79 - "Music Ode"

Well I wanted to experiment abit with poetry and incorporating that into the comics cause...they seem like a natural fit with the heavy musical motifs and surrealism. This is the first of those experiment sessions peoms chosen. I didnt hv anything in mind in terms of choosing POV it was...but for this first experiment I choose Ethereal as the POV because she is the avant-garde/ trance dj.


Legend of Zelda: Symphony of Goddesses in Vancouver

Well that was beautiful and awesome.....the music of the Legend of Zelda live in concert compelte with a giant video screen and a live orchestra playing wow. The Legend of Zelda series is known for its very beautiful music score especially from Ocarina of Time onward...soooo being the Zelda fan me, I just had to go and see it at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This would be the second time I attended a specific video-game concert. There was merchandise....a bit on the pricey side as usual with events like this but got my self a t-shirt of Links from the ages to remember the event.

As for the show itself wow! The orchestra and choir performance/skill was really top notch yep yep. They played a lot of the well loved favorites from most of the Legend of Zelda games. The wind Waker Suite had the conductor use the same wind control baton like in Wind Waker the game. My favorite highlights being Gerudo Valley as its own segment, Dragon Roost Island and Majora's Mask suite. All synced with scenes from Hyrule and the respective games. It was really a colourful, musical journey through Hyrule...although triple encore was abit too much. Still it was an awesome night to behold.


My Friends Are Djs #78 - "One on One"

Well this is just to explore Komodo and Bitz's characterization plus their opinions on each other. In universe Komodo is the mentor of Bitz and Bitz is gift young dj with skill...but each have a flaw. Komodo is thousands of years old from another planet and Bitz is the youngling with lack of exp. despite skill and knowledge. The background is was aken from my village....may have been a film set today forgot.


My Friends Are Djs #77 - "Big Alba"

Haha knowing full well a certain birdish single was comng out soon by a certain Dutch duo (you know who you are guys)....decided to have fun and show off Albatross's power up form. All Lil' Bots have the ability to be...not so little at certain times. I just fun with the deisgn....fun fact Albatross is Breezey's adopted aunt. The background is a shot of the clouds I took and then heavily altered with filters.


My Friends Are Djs #76 - "Ethereal and Poco"

Well its true and a good sign if a dj and another are good friends etc is...they're more I care for you scolding or being able to get away with such antics. Friendships with djs are not all peachy, true friends still need to "scold" each other every so often not fan-mania stuff not healthy. If you're a married couple...OH YES very true.

In addition to show abit more dynamics between Poco and Ethereal....Ethereal is one female you really don't want to joke about her weight....really it's kind of obvious why?


My Friends Are Djs #75 - "Masks and Face"

It's very true fact in a club setting...many in a club is wearing a social "mask" of some sort for various different reasons, whether its a popularity contest, exploitation, hide negative agendas etc etc..list can go on. In my case to protect against trouble by blending in, keeping to myself while keeping on an eye on things. Club setting may be a bad place to find that special someone...you can never tell or not, if its real.

Didn't have anything in mind for the masked figures other then some surreal-to the point and these are disguised Lil' Bots. For the background....its actually a picture of a fish tank severely distorted. Paint program used is Open Canvas 6.


My Friends Are Djs #74 - "Grounded"

Well tried to experiment more with multi panel story telling and was thinking...it's important for djs to keep their metaphorical feet on the ground when roaming around the big upper-ranking fields soo....don't glue your twin brother's feet to the ground.


My Friends Are Djs #73 - "Ordinary Benefits #1"

I don't know about you djs but being friends with ordinary people can have its benefits like...seeing how things look on the other side looking in, etc and things/interests that djs may been too busy to look up on tour like...the latest "Lady Dragon" book. It's an in-universe thing. I could elaborate more on this subject. The background is a highly filtered photo of of a movie set prop. PS I never had to loan any dj friends stuff...for now.


My Friends Are Djs #72 - "Fashion Choice"

One fo the thigns that really gets on my nerves int he clubing-dance music world is....why is it almost most of the time...(ok that's an over statement somewhat)...little skin covering bikinis with fashion choices for females being sold in "rave supply" shops. Yep not a fan of the overt sex appeal outfits in clubs and gets really boring if everyone is wearing it plus the cliche that goes with it. For me, I am super uncomfortable with showing any skin in clubs because I attract unwanted attention.

Oh meet Stitch'in Lasher....Needlepoint and Pin Cushion's sister. They're triplets. In comparison to her insane siblings (especially her look-like sister), Stitch'in is more subdued (as highlighted in her subdued purple colours) and is the resident fashion designer of the cast. With a touch of sarcasm when it comes to fashion trends.


My Friends Are Djs #71 - "Do Not Open"

Well was abit inspired by my task of having to guard all the Harry Potter books at work until the big day came to release them and it was a very important indeed not let anyone have a peek at them no questions. So rules goes in the dj world...release day means release day its a very important rule for many reasons like preserving the surprise and fun for fans...and the djs themselves making sure its just right the tracks. So fans no peeking or leaking stuff ok.


My Friends Are Djs #70 - Cracked

The inspiration for this is...do I even have to explain?! I getting really tired of this stereotype/idiot thinking that its the must do fashion here and making the sane "us's" look bad. From my experience in clubs from greatly suspecting people popping in crack(they always find of way of sneaking it in)...they don't end up well and end up ruining the night for other people in worse cases....trust me you do not want to end up in hospital or/and get the organizers in trouble as a result. Felt I really need to draw this out too after watching a video clip of a young EDM fan saying something along the lines of drugs are THE thing cause they enhance the experience. I have never taken drugs in my lifetime!

For this one went for the surreal-psychedelic approach with the top drug and the most dangerous in the comic's universe representing the danger of crack. Why is it dangerous? It's made the from gases and bodily fluids of Lucid the trippy sea-slug whose abilities cause vivid and dangerous hallucinations. Imagine drugs made from an alien sea slug demon to well nightmarish and alive to some extent. Edged the drawing with highlighters for a more dreamy edge.


My Friends Are Djs #69 - "Biblios"

Its actually a great joy, and bonding point for some fans to actually have similar interests (besides music) with their favorite djs. I feel that one of the ways I become sincere friends with my dj friends. Its really its a squeee moment when its true, for example I found out to my great amusement and joy my friends got hooked to Pokemon Go (I don't own a smart phone so no Go) and gamers in general too. Plus knowing post day is the same day as Harry Potter release...just had to do a book related thing.

The background was taken from the story section of Kidsbooks in Vancouver. Wanted something a little more active looking then a quiet library. Then distorted the image. The book the protagonists are interested in is called "Lady Dragon" a could be, future side project/story involving the titular "Lady Dragon" Deb, a broken but rebuilding dragon=like being living a 1920's/Black-White Cartoon era fantasy, town.


Gamer's Review - Lily Looking Through

Well even though this is a very short game (the ending felt abrupt and on a to be continued note), this is probably one of the most beautiful and serene point-click adventures I have ever played. The premise is you play as the titular Lily on journey to rescue her brother who was taken away by a mysterious red scarf. To help her in her journey she gains a pair of magical googles that allow her to look into the past.

Gameplay is typical of point click games as you are guiding Lily to "hot spots" and solving puzzles to move the story along. At the same time the interface felt stream-line and casual in nature. What I like about the art style is...it feels like story book illustrations. You're switching between the "seen better days" future and the bright, greenery of the utopian past, all through the eyes of an innocent child named Lily. I like Lily because other being a child, adventurer who immediately goes after her brother despite the possible danger, in this dystopian future she still manages to have fun like a child as suggestion when you treats old machinery as playground equipment during her adventures.

Other then the mention short length and to be continued ending....this was a very beautiful game to behold.



My Friends Are Djs #68 - "Time'n Stuff"

The main inspiration for this is....if asked any djs what would they love more of...one of the top things would be time. Djs are extremely busy on tour with little to no to explore the various stops on their journey so more time is very much needed to do things. In the comic world....Fortuna is also a brewer of things other then luck. However like the luck she brews they come with a huge warning. Only use when needed. The background is actually the inside of one my flowers magnified then brightness adjusted to make it monochrome pink.


My Friends Are Djs #67 - "Unreal"

In the dj world...unreal and impossible things are very much a real possibility on a daily basis, no manner what logical device you use, so I wanted to illustrate that. It took a while to get the well-known "3-pole"illusion down right....it involves a ruler.The background is the side of a building in False Creek and highly altered to look like a surreal streetscape.


My Friends Are Djs #66 - "Boxed In"

If you have djs as friends or if you;re a huge dance music fan, etc....you very much what this time of year in the dj world. The Dj Mag Top100 voting season. Honestly I think its meh in the actually musical merit field and its just popularity contest.. I mean how can you even rank the arts in 1...2..3. If you friends are djs in the running things can get a little crazy like your friends being on spam mode last year....he likes being a spammers (you know who you are amici). Thankfully the djs who are my friends are not spam campaigning at the moment...if they were I would have stuffed them into...ok I won't!


My Friends Are Djs #65 - "Remix #1.5"

Well decided to expand and experiment abit more on the continuous line drawing so we now have Ethereal's Sister Telu-Rica joining in to make a continuous line forest. The original unaltered back ground was taken at Capilano Suspension bridge. I just free handed the line drawings and it was tricky to altered/ add in the background on the computer with some lines disappearing by accident and me filling them back in. The paint program used for editing stuff like adding in the background is OpenCanvas 6. The drawings themselves were painted and drawn by hand.


Gamer's Review - Hyperdmension Neptunia Rebirth1 (First Dip)

Well this is novel idea and can only exist in the Japanese anime/gaming fandom world of what?! This would happens when gaming consoles and the gaming industry in general are rendered as hyper powered girls. Reminds me of my trip to Akihabara...that's anime/electronics district in Tokyo. Welcome to the world of Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1...where four goddesses rule over a portion of the Gameindustri world, each representing/themed after a gaming console. However as pointed out the opening prologue all is not peaceful as the 4 are fighting over "shares" in the world int he "Console Wars" and a mysterious voice suggests banish Neptune.

I think she's representing PS3

Representing Wii

Representing Xbox

Representing Sega Neptune

Well other then I hope this is not a hentai...based one scene here.....

It's been fun so far....basically gameplay with action-adventure with visual novel elements, navigating around a map with dialogue scenes playing out akin to a visual novel but switching to 3rdperson view during exploration segments. The actual battle is combo of turn based as you are positioning the character and entering in attack combos/skills during the "Turn". The entire art style is basically.....anime kawaii love with ALOT of video-gaming and game industry references/parodies tossed around....I am loving the Mecha Musume style of battle armor these girls don during the fever pitch. Oh what is going to happen next....proving to be cute and hilarious so far.

Gamer's Review - Next Penelope ( First Dipping)

Well this game actually been hiding in my humble bundle cache for a bit but decided to installed it after falling in love with the electronica-retro style soundtrack, and the very unique take on Greek mythology.

Next Penelope is a very futuristic take on the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer with Penelope being charged/threaten by the alien Poseidon to find Odysseus across the galaxy for the sake of her people. Nope Penelope is not sulking at home...she;s taking a spaceship and racing across the galaxy Imagine ancient Greek columns and architecture fitted in a very techno-colour retro-futuristic spacey setting...this is where the art style very much shines. Retro-future mythology hmm? The music is carries out the retro-futuristic style....with some synth mixed and a touch of progressive, You wouldn't even know the game is ancient Greek culture motif-ed.

Now I admit, I haven't played a true racing game in a very long time so I had problems trying to get used to the racing controls...most of it bumping into walls and mis-jumping off a cliff. Gameplay is played top down with Penelope's ship automatically accelerating and you have control of turning/avoiding walls and obstacles that will slow you down and chop away at your ship's energy (eventually you get more weapons)....while a giant alien thing from Poseidon is chasing you as you are racing towards the check point...hurry up!


My Friends Are Djs #64 - "Remix #1"

Well a professional artist friend encourage to doodle every day if possible so I did and during all that doodling I experimented with sketching with one continuous ink line when sketching the plants around me. In this case Ethereal is "remixing" herself using both of her tails to create an art piece of herself....2 continues inky lines were drawn.,,absolutely no breaks in the lines. The background is actually a picture of jelly fish at the Vancouver highly altered to monochrome.


My Friends Are Djs #63 - "Envy"

Well this was made along side the other "hand" demon so because I felt Envy and Pride are similar in that "grab" things for similar reasons. "Fisher" is "siblings" with Invidia of the previous panel....plus all the same mysterious species as Scourage and Lucid. Why the underwater motifs for envy? Tow = Undertow. Yep,traveling in the clubbing and artistic world, I had many encounters with envious stuff. The background was taken by me at the mini aquarium located int he international departure lounge....then highly altered with filters to make it look monochrome green.


My Friends Are Djs #62 - "Recharge"

Well for me atleast, listening to my favorite tracks recharges my mood during stressful times like a long day's work or traveling in another palce or country. It reminds me of who I am, my world and happy moods/feelings to recharge the senses. Klap is just plugged in for the night recharging at his very big station...hehe. The weird-surreal, futuristic background of his room is actually a picture of a bunch of mirrors I took at a visiting circus. The picture was sevrely altered after to make it look mono-chrome colour weird,


My Friends Are Djs #61 - "Prid..."

I wanted to make a slight poke at the pride culture that happens in the music industry,it's grabby nature and slight stab against talented young people being exploited in this industry, by grabby hands. Drawing abit on personal experience on "grabby hands" making attempts on my artistic talent. For the monster, Invidia....its based an old drawing I did of a monster in a nightmare shaped like a hand. Just like the old drawing, I used my own hand and its shadow to rotoscope body. The overall look is meant to be "prideful" with regal shades of purple ad gold. The background is the side of the post office in Steveston.


My Friends Are Djs #60 - "Forever"

Well the inspiration for was...knowing it was going to be one week after Blasterjaxx night and from past experiences with unforgettable nights. I never truly forget them and they still give me abuzz in dreamland. The comic was first hand drawn and painted then....digitally added in the photos. The picture used in the dream bubble was taken from that night but severely distorted to give it that surreal, trippy dreamlike feel. The background is the garden next to the post office in Steveston village. The title "Forever" means both happy memories can last forever and alluding to the Blasterjaxx track "Forever".