My Friends Are Djs #37 - "I Am Pin Cushion"

This was based off an experience in a club...specifically the Vinai night......for the love of pizza bagels!!! NEVER jump on someone's shoulders UNINVITED!!! That what someone did to be when my picture was being taken and as expected I yelled "GET OFF" & flicked the guy off. If anyone knows me I tend to get violent and panicky if anyone (especially strangers) suddenly touches me like that. Kind of an empowering moment for me. Never know when my clubbing cosplay is going to have spines on the back or not.

Meet "Pin Cushion", a Venusian bounty hunter with an animal demeanor & dubious morals, from the jungle-desert (surprised?) planet, Venus. He's revived from an old drawing of an bone-skinny alien reptilian from my high school days. As for back story....he's a very skilled gun for hire specializing in as he would say..."Sneaking is what I do best" and assassination however he doesn't get many jobs. Most people don't take his skills seriously to due his wacky/ animal personality.."Pin Cushion eats yum yum *snickers*" and his not so imposing, bony appearance. Yep his poisonous, razor sharp spines (they're regrow-able) are kind of painful, if someone is stupid enough to jump on top of him from behind. Telu usually hires him for data gathering jobs and pays him a bonus of chicken-balls (his yum yums) if he manages not to hurt or kill anyone after the job is done.

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