My Friends Are Djs #36 - 3 Mice and A Bird

Well after surviving the fallout from the Vinai night...I got some new stuff to create and that night provided alot of inspiration for the web comic like this one. Went the to the point route for starters....and prob the first time a song is alluded/ involved.

Those experienced with being in clubs can relate to this...they is always the crowd with the suspicious, flirty, and submissive types mixed in; the Mouse. In addition, allusions to the AronChupa song "I'm an Albatraoz" (and its Just Dance 2016 adaption which involves a pink ballerina..shown below) are made with the use of mice and the lone, pink albatross....plus it feel just right with the certain club demography. The mice and albatross in the comic universe are actually very tiny, sentient "Lil' Bots" from Mercury....they're named the "3 Blind Mice" and "The Albatross".

The eureka moment was also triggered during the Vinai night, the Vinai brothers told everyone to raise their iphones to create stars. I don't own an iphone...no interest or use in one....but I do have something else that will suit the job very well and in a show video gamer pride....I whip out my Nintendo 3DS...in a sea of mice, the albatross flies!

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