Gamer's Review - Goodbye Deponia (First Dive)

Welcome to the last installment in "How many ways Rufus has pain inflicted on him". Welcome back to Deponia...."Goodbye Deponia" starts immediately after "Chaos on Deponia" with the heroes still trying to figure out a way to save Deponia....and Rufus is being a doof. We open with the crew traveling on the rails (it used to be water!) and well comedy still reigns high in this installment....to be put in simple terms Goal gets undressed and calls Rufus an As...ole (I can't believe it was the same in German audio track too.) in the first 20 minutes....and oh the roof gets blown off thanks to Rufus. The interface is still the same with point style click gameplay complete with the running gag....the tutorial set in the same exact location with a snarky "Teacher" grudgingly teaching Rufus.

This looks familiar...and oh look its Toni!
The art style maintains the trademark "junk-punk" feel of the series but since this is end times and Deponia hangs in the balance....lots of earthen tones of rusty red, the sky has an angry coat of sot, and dark shadows abound as if something sinister is being foreshadowed...not just a planet about to be blown up. In addition, since Rufus moved the transport to the up in the air....the settings so far are located suspended in the sky along the rail system.

What does Rufus's story have in store and will Deponia be saved....just wait and see.

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