Gamer's Review - Goodbye Deponia (First Dive)

Welcome to the last installment in "How many ways Rufus has pain inflicted on him". Welcome back to Deponia...."Goodbye Deponia" starts immediately after "Chaos on Deponia" with the heroes still trying to figure out a way to save Deponia....and Rufus is being a doof. We open with the crew traveling on the rails (it used to be water!) and well comedy still reigns high in this installment....to be put in simple terms Goal gets undressed and calls Rufus an As...ole (I can't believe it was the same in German audio track too.) in the first 20 minutes....and oh the roof gets blown off thanks to Rufus. The interface is still the same with point style click gameplay complete with the running gag....the tutorial set in the same exact location with a snarky "Teacher" grudgingly teaching Rufus.

This looks familiar...and oh look its Toni!
The art style maintains the trademark "junk-punk" feel of the series but since this is end times and Deponia hangs in the balance....lots of earthen tones of rusty red, the sky has an angry coat of sot, and dark shadows abound as if something sinister is being foreshadowed...not just a planet about to be blown up. In addition, since Rufus moved the transport to the up in the air....the settings so far are located suspended in the sky along the rail system.

What does Rufus's story have in store and will Deponia be saved....just wait and see.


My Friends Are Djs #38 - Fore!

During sketching brain storming...for this one just went right to the point and many sane people in a club can relate to this.....you're only allowed to whip and text on the smart phone if you have say a worried mom at home concerned about you flying solo on clubbing night (yep from exp.). Other times PUT THE PHONES away especially on the dance floor.....it was an BLEH sight to see an entire group near the stage texting on their phones.....felt sorry for the dj behind the decks. Dude enjoy the moment and the beautiful world. Purely a metaphor of what I want to do to those smart phones.....unless I really bring a club to a club....tired to go for golf club then ended up as a hockey/golf club combo. Wished I did a better job to show the swing!


My Friends Are Djs #37 - "I Am Pin Cushion"

This was based off an experience in a club...specifically the Vinai night......for the love of pizza bagels!!! NEVER jump on someone's shoulders UNINVITED!!! That what someone did to be when my picture was being taken and as expected I yelled "GET OFF" & flicked the guy off. If anyone knows me I tend to get violent and panicky if anyone (especially strangers) suddenly touches me like that. Kind of an empowering moment for me. Never know when my clubbing cosplay is going to have spines on the back or not.

Meet "Pin Cushion", a Venusian bounty hunter with an animal demeanor & dubious morals, from the jungle-desert (surprised?) planet, Venus. He's revived from an old drawing of an bone-skinny alien reptilian from my high school days. As for back story....he's a very skilled gun for hire specializing in as he would say..."Sneaking is what I do best" and assassination however he doesn't get many jobs. Most people don't take his skills seriously to due his wacky/ animal personality.."Pin Cushion eats yum yum *snickers*" and his not so imposing, bony appearance. Yep his poisonous, razor sharp spines (they're regrow-able) are kind of painful, if someone is stupid enough to jump on top of him from behind. Telu usually hires him for data gathering jobs and pays him a bonus of chicken-balls (his yum yums) if he manages not to hurt or kill anyone after the job is done.


My Friends Are Djs #36 - 3 Mice and A Bird

Well after surviving the fallout from the Vinai night...I got some new stuff to create and that night provided alot of inspiration for the web comic like this one. Went the to the point route for starters....and prob the first time a song is alluded/ involved.

Those experienced with being in clubs can relate to this...they is always the crowd with the suspicious, flirty, and submissive types mixed in; the Mouse. In addition, allusions to the AronChupa song "I'm an Albatraoz" (and its Just Dance 2016 adaption which involves a pink ballerina..shown below) are made with the use of mice and the lone, pink albatross....plus it feel just right with the certain club demography. The mice and albatross in the comic universe are actually very tiny, sentient "Lil' Bots" from Mercury....they're named the "3 Blind Mice" and "The Albatross".

The eureka moment was also triggered during the Vinai night, the Vinai brothers told everyone to raise their iphones to create stars. I don't own an iphone...no interest or use in one....but I do have something else that will suit the job very well and in a show video gamer pride....I whip out my Nintendo 3DS...in a sea of mice, the albatross flies!


TyDi and Vinai Night in Vancouver

Well that was probably one of the most insane nights of my life AGAIN....for both good and bad reasons. Most of the bad reasons involved crazy people (in a nutshell...I am not the human pillow or punchbag!!!), stabbing people by accident with my flag a few times (sorry I got a little eager during certain songs) and me getting uncomfortable/emotionally tense in crowd spaces...no hard feelings to anyone, its just my instincts to push away anything that touches me...despite loving dance music passioantely for over 16 years now, I'm never going to get used to clubbing crowds/culture.

Ok that's dealt with....I was really looking forward to seeing the Italian dj siblings, Vinai live on stage. This is the first time I ever seen djs who are not my friends, however Vinai are friends of my friends....confusing yet? I was excited yet nervous for that night flying solo and being unique from clubbing crowds. However I continued being unique. I burrowed the vest from a Miku store bought cosplay paired it with shorts contained one of my cross stitch poke-pixel patches plus lacy gloves for the basic cosplay-stylish look and then the hard part/magic. Covered my cheek and arms in body paint! It took 1 1/2 hours to get all the make up on and not counting the manicure I did.

Went for my unique Martian Mutation look but with a neon colour twist for club styling. All the green mutations glowed lime green under the venue's black light. It was visually stunning and it did attract attention. I did not know until the last moment. The Miku vest/ black shorts & tie combo makes me resemble a female version of Djs From Mars.

Mostly Rainbow Honey was used....Green: Calama and the Glitter Overlay: Underwater World. The green stars glows under UV light.

Well I arrived really early to the venue to get the best spots near the dj booth. even though the door was open I was told by a staff member, I wasn't allowed inside the venue. Several staff suggested I wait in the casino across the street which has a warm cafe to wait in but remembering the last time I was in Casino with facepaint on...I wasn't too welcomed by casino patrons...I instead elected to stay underneath the cover areas till its time which the staff allowed me to. The staff who told me I couldn't come in felt so bad for leaving me out in the cold and rain (didn't bother me too much...cold never bothered me anyway) that he offered me a drink on the house (I found out at the same-time he was the bartender). Aww that is sweet but I wasn't planning on drinking even if the drink is not alcoholic...I don't want trips to the little girl's room and drinking alcohol will cause migraines so I hydrated before arriving so I politely declined but shake his hand as thanks-you're good. I am very thankful to the staff in general that night.

As for the actual event....wow first up was TyDi. I didn't know him before hand but I was loving what I was hearing and he was such a sweet guy interacting with the crowds with friendly mannerisms. His style is more trance like and "softer" in compare to Vinai but I liked it and it was a pleasant surprise. He even dropped a few treats by dropping unreleased tracks for the Vancouver to listen for the first time. Nice and tidy....haha you knew I was going to drop that pun.

TyDi's Unreleased Track dropped for the first time.

Even a Robo Stilt-Walker joins in. I was freaked out by the sound of his Co2 gun and the fact it can blast off my make up.

Then TyDi leaves the decks, the lights dim (didn't I just see two pairs of feet sneak by???), the music built into emotions, in sync with the futuristic visuals of launchpad spelling out V-I-N-A-I ...then POOOF it's the Vinai brothers popping up behind the decks opening with "Louder" So epic!!! Oh I waved my flag in time with the music with alot of passion and screaming "Italia!" at the same time...I really love Italian dance music. Oh the set was awesome with surreal/sci-fi visuals (was that the orb from Guardians of the Galaxy???), energetic, bouncy tracks ( yep the floor was bouncing with Bounce Generation), aww they played Frontier in the closing and some tracks that brought back childhood memories in new forms...namely Darude's Sandstorm and Eiffel 65's Blue. During the set Vinai tells everyone to get their iphones out to create a field of stars for an emotional bit. Well I don't own an Iphone (no interest or use)...I did have something else and in a slight show of video-gaming pride....I whip out my still switched on Nintendo 3DS XL!!! HAHAH that is so hilarious and empowering at the same time....in a sea of Iphones...there is one 3DS rising.

Well at the end, i was lucky enough to get autographs from them....I had the flag I was waving signed! Plus I got to shake hands with one of them (I think he was smiling at me during the set cause he eyes was on my flag)....he is so sweet! I told the Vinai brothers, my friends (who are also their friends) said many good things about their music so I wanted to hear it live...then it came out as happy emotions from there. I trying to say this while hopping up and down a glass barrier the same height as me! The Vinai brother smiled and looked at that comment.I feel so thankful to everyone staff and djs included who were nice to the little Martian. :)
Here it is Vinai's autograph next to the Djs From Mars. It's a little water damaged from the rain but Vinai's autograph is still visible. I wish to have this flag covered with autographs from my favorite, Italian Djs.

...and here;s the photo dump