My Friends Are Djs #30 - Just Push Play??

One of things in the dj world that absolutely overwhelms me and looks like "magic" to me is....the actual dj deck set up....this panel is an abstraction of those feelings. When I saw my friend's set up in action everything looked alien to me and it felt like a hive nest's activity...it was absolute WHOA! I'm very scared to even touch a set up in fear of wrecking something. However I'm kind of aware of whats going on with djs mixing behind the decks and I'm always keenly observing in interest.....its more then just pushing play!

This particular high-tech dj deck belongs to Komodo, the old Martian, veteran dj. His decks is mostly an abstract-fictional concept but inspired by the futuristic look of computer dj decks and the touch screen mixing set up demostrated by Dj Gabry Ponte here...I would be very surprised if an actual dj comes out, looking like Komodo's decks.

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