My Friends Are Djs #29 - Cast of 2014-15

Well it been a short while with this humble comic project but I'm happy and having fun with this....I always wanted to do a "class" photo shot and I thought this would be the right time in particular because....if you're an electronic music fan you very much know what time of the EDM world year this is. Overall, I think the piece went well except I wish I did the look of the Desert brothers (Sandstorm and Komodo) better and slight mistake on inking Bitz...with a small cast of species from various different planets and colours its been a happy ride so far. The quote was added at the last moment.....in response to negative responses to the top 100 djs results. Two dj pals (if you're reading this you know who you are) of mine had something to say..."Music Should Unite, Not Divide". I thought it would be the perfect finishing touch to a cast of friends panel.

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