My Friends Are Djs #27 - Storage of Music History

Well this panel came out of a brain storming sketch session for this week's comic. I thought it would straight to the point and slightly amusing/funny to outline the in nutshell history. Partially I was inspired by record stores still in business (like our family store's neighbor in Steveston Beat Merchant) and their patrons (including me) which still collect vinyls and CDs in the age of digital downloads and mp3s. Trust me there is still a market for such things among collectors...often I see customers waltzing out next door with vinyl purchases in their hands. For personally, I still love CDs because I feel "complete" with the actual disc in my collection and CDs have very clear sound quality over digital streams. Anyway thats my opinion....AND NOW....in the comic universe music produces energy which keeps their world in balance. So thats what the blue wisps are. Different genres produce different energies.

PS yep at the last minute I added in cassettes (yes I made a spelling mistake in comic) after i realize...."oh dear I forgot..how could I?". Thank you watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter's moves.

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